IPM Insect Control

Integrated Pest Management offers reliable and predictable control of damaging turfgrass insect pests.

The foundation of our approach is to create a healthy and competitive stand of turfgrass that is capable of out-competing weeds and tolerating minor insect feeding. This is a corner stone to delivering Ecology Friendly Lawn Care. Focus is placed on the environmental conditions that the turfgrass grows in.

Ensure proper soil fertility, aeration, and soil pH. IPM strategies are designed to reduce insect pest populations to levels where the lawn is capable of tolerating or recovering from the insect pest feeding. If your lawn can grow new roots and leaves faster than the insect pests can eat them, then your lawn will remain healthy and beautiful, without the need for pesticide applications. Nutri-Lawn programs are designed to encourage healthy soil for your landscape.

Water your lawn properly. This is also critical if you hope to maintain a thick, beautiful lawn. Over watering your lawn during critical egg lay periods of the European Cranefly (leatherjacket) can result in an infestation that will cause significant damage. Under watering your lawn during peak Chinch Bug activity can result in significant loss of turfgrass.

Mow at the right height. Unless you have a bentgrass lawn, your mowing height should be up at 2” to 2.5”. Mowing too short can result in a small root system. A lawn with a small root system will not be able to tolerate insect feeding as well as a tall healthy lawn.

Mow once a week. Rule of thumb is not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade. Scalping a lawn by cutting it to short or waiting to long between cuts and then cutting short can set back a lawn for weeks.

Annual core aeration with an overseeding or slitseeding will introduce new vigorous cultivars of turfgrass and help keep the lawn thick. We use entophytic perennial ryegrasses in many of our overseeding mixes. Leaf feeding insect pests like Chinch bugs do not like to eat entophytic grasses, and are an effective means of protecting your lawn.

Apply Organic Plus Topdressing to add nutrients, and organic matter to your soil, keeping your lawn healthy and robust.

Follow the principals of IPM.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs that are designed to control pests using a multitude of approaches, including the responsible and professional use of pesticides. We strongly recommend that you use a professional, licensed service like Nutri-Lawn, when dealing with pesticides.

Timely Applications are Essential

We monitor local insect pest populations and track their lifecycles in order to forecast potential infestations, and to time the application of insecticides for the most effective control. We will notify you about any potential insect infestation.

Professionally Applied

Our technicians are trained and licensed to control turfgrass insect pests. We will work with you and instruct you on what to do before and after an application in order to achieve the best results.

Do You Have to Water the Insect Control into the lawn?

Irrigation requirements before and after an application vary, depending on the insect pest that we are trying to control.  It is generally advisable to thoroughly water your lawn 24 hours before an application in order to prevent the pesticide from binding to dry thatch and becoming ineffective. We will advise you of the best strategy for the particular pest control product that is applied.

We will post notifications / signs on your lawn to inform you and your neighbors that an application has been applied. The products that we use have all been registered for use on residential lawns.

We will assess the effectiveness of the pest control application and make recommendations to ensure a healthy lawn that can tolerate future insect feeding.

MERIT Grub Control

It is an new type of insecticide that allows the use of very low applications rates. It is used to control European Chafer and is applied prior to egg hatch. It proves very effective grub control and is recommended for areas where infestations are forecasted.

For Those Who Do Not Want to Use Synthetic Pesticides

Nutri-Lawn's Organics Plus program utilizes all the basic principles of IPM, without using any synthetic pesticides.  It's based on a sound fertility program using organic and organic based fertilizers, as well as a tool box of other natural/organic products like beet extract, corn gluten, kelp extract, and our Organics Plus Topdressing. We also offer Beneficial Nematodes for white grub and Leather Jacket management.

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