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Lawn Insects

IPM Insect Control Tips

The key to successfully resisting damage from lawn insects is to create a healthy and competitive brand of turfgrass that is capable of outcompeting damaging insects.

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When extra help is required, Integrated Pest Management offers reliable and predictable control of damaging turfgrass insect pests. IPM programs are designed to control pests using a range of approaches, including the responsible and professional use of pesticides.

MERIT Grub Control is a new type of insecticide that allows the use of very low applications rates. It is used to control European Chafer and is applied prior to egg hatch. It proves very effective for controlling grubs and is recommended for areas where infestations are forecasted.

Timely applications are absolutely essential when controlling insects. At Nutri-Lawn, we monitor local insect pest populations and track their lifecycles in order to forecast potential infestations, and to time the application of insecticides for the most effective control. We will notify you about any potential insect infestation.

Our technicians are licensed and trained to control turfgrass insect pests. We will work with you and instruct you on what to do before and after an application in order to achieve the best results. After the application, your lawn care technican will assess the effectiveness of the insect control and make recommendations to ensure a healthy lawn that can tolerate future insect feeding.

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White Grubs

Watering requirements before and after an application vary, depending on the insect pest that we are trying to control. It's generally advisable to thoroughly water your lawn 24 hours before an application in order to prevent the pesticide from binding to dry thatch and becoming ineffective. We will advise you of the best strategy for the particular pest control product that is applied.

Don't Want to Use Synthetic Pesticides?

Nutri-Lawn's Organics program utilizes all the basic principles of IPM, without using any synthetic pesticides. It's based on a sound fertility program using organic and organic-based fertilizers, as well as a tool box of other naturalproducts like beet extract, corn gluten, kelp extract, and our Organics Plus Topdressing.

Talk to your local Nutri-Lawn about what IPM Insect Control or Organic Insect Control options are available in your area.

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White Grub Control

White grub infestations can be devastating to home lawns when left untreated. Protecting the lawn from potential damage can save costly repairs.


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