Mosquito Control

Our Mosquito Control is specially designed to create a Season Long Barrier around your property allowing you to safely enjoy the outdoors around your home with friends and family while keeping the mosquitoes away. Besides being annoying, mosquitoes pose a number of harmful human health hazards as they can transmit infectious diseases. The spread of West Nile Virus is known to be transmitted by adult mosquitoes and eliminating populations will reduce these risks.

Our ALL NATURAL REPELLANTS and our SYNTHETIC CONTROL PRODUCTS are applied to your lawn and surrounding landscape areas to create a barrier to control and eliminate mosquito populations. Our program is a proven way to enjoy the comforts of your property without having to deal with these uninvited guests. Our highly trained and licensed technicians will treat the following areas of your property where mosquitoes hide out:

  • Shrubbery and ground cover areas
  • Hedges and landscape plant materials
  • Under Decks and stairways
  • In your Lawn

It is important to know that Mosquitoes breed in standing pools of water and eliminating these areas such as bird baths, plastic pools, old tires, buckets and clearing clogged gutters can greatly reduce mosquito populations around your property and control applications may not be required once this is completed. Control applications are typically started in the spring through the summer months, however applications can be started at any time.

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Applying Mosquito ControlApplying Mosquito control