Enhanced Calcitic Lime

Acidic soil pH conditions are a common challenge across many parts of the coastal regions in both Canada and the US. These acidic soil conditions have a major effect on the chemistry in the soil which makes it more difficult to grow healthy grass. Many important essential lawn nutrients are unavailable under these acidic soil conditions unless otherwise corrected. Moss infestations are also very common in regions with acidic soil pH and make it very difficult for grass to outcompete the moss. The climate and vegetation in these coastal regions contribute to these soil pH conditions and in most cases, lime applications are required and necessary to help neutralize these acidic soil conditions. As the soil conditions are neutralized, the lawn can begin to "take up" these important nutrients making it much easier to maintain a healthy lawn.

At Nutri-Lawn we use a premium enhanced Calcitic lime product that is 4 times more effective than regular dolomitic limestone applications. Our enhanced Calcitic lime is specially designed to work very quickly to neutralize soil conditions and free up essential nutrients unlike regular limestone applications that can take up to 4 years to breakdown and start working. Our product is evenly applied as a granular application to your lawn (similar to fertilizer) and is greyish-brown in colour making it difficult to see in the lawn, but very effective once an application has been completed.

Annual applications of our enhanced calcitic lime are recommended every year in regions with acidic soil pH conditions. In regions with very acidic soil pH conditions, more than one application may be necessary to maintain adequate soil pH. These applications are often included in seasonal lawn care programs or additional upgrades are available. A soil test may also be scheduled for a complete analysis.

Contact your local Nutri-lawn for more information regarding lime applications, and other services to help balance soil conditions.

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