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Improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of your commercial, property or business.  Our team of lawn care experts work with property managers, landscape professionals, and business owners throughout Canada everyday to deliver a wide range of lawn care, and landscape maintenance services. 

Ensure your property stays beautiful all year with our full range of services  including, but not limited to:

Fertilization - Exceptional season long performance custom blended with plant essential nutrients

Weed Control - Effectively eliminate unsightly broadleaf weed infestations

Core Aeration - Encourage Deep roots, relieve compaction, reduce thatch

Overseeding - Enjoy a thick lush lawn with 100% certified grass seed 

White Grub Control - Prevent, Control, and Eliminate devastating White Grubs 

Organic Topdressing - 100% weed free, All-natural topdressing compst, valuable essential nutrients

Power Raking - Stimulate new growth, Remove and eliminate excessive thatch buildup

Slitseeding - Renovate, Revitalize, or Repair with specialized slitseeding machine

Moss Control - Eliminate moss infestations throughout the lawn

Noxious Weed Control - Eliminate Health and Safety risks from Hazardous vegetation

Crack & Crevice Control - Keep parking lots, sidewalks, interlock, and hard surfaces weed free

Tree & Shrub Care - Deep Root Injections deliver essential nutrients to trees & shrubs

Enhanced Calcitic Lime - Neutralize acidic soil pH conditions

Irrigation Services - System Installation, Design, Service, Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrades 

Landscape Maintenance - Sod Installation, Bed Maintenance, Hardscaping, Construction

Mowing Services - Weekly mowing, trimming, edging, Spring and Fall Clean-ups

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