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Lawn Insects

IPM Grub Control


If it is Spring time and the lawn is being damaged by grubs, then applications of Sevin® will help reduce the grub populations.

It is important to know that controlling fully matured grubs in Spring is very difficult for several reasons.

  • The grub’s immune system is fully developed, and it must consume more of the pest control before control is successful.
  • The grubs may not be actively feeding due to cooler soil temperatures, and they may not consume enough of the pest control to be effective.
  • The grubs are often deeper in the soil, and getting the pest control deep enough into the soil for effective control is difficult. Core aeration will facilitate the movement of the pest control to the grubs.

Because of this, the best strategy is to focus on renovating damaged areas in late Spring, and schedule a Merit® application for June.

Damage caused by animals feeding on white grubs in the lawn


If the lawn has historically had large populations of grubs like European Chafer, then consider scheduling an application of Merit® in June or July. Merit® is a new grub control product that must be applied prior to hatching of the new eggs. It provides up to 90% control of the grub larvae and meets all the new environmental standards imposed by PMRA (Health Canada).

Talk to your local Nutri-Lawn to find out if Sevin® or Merit® is registered and available for use in your area.

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White Grub Control

White grub infestations can be devastating to home lawns when left untreated. Protecting the lawn from potential damage can save costly repairs.


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