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IPM Grub Control

White grubs, also known as European Chafer and Japanese Beetles are destructive turfgrass insects that feed on the roots of your lawn causing extensive turf damage.  To make matters worse; raccoons, skunks and birds aggressively rip, dig, and tear your lawn apart continuously searching for their next grub meal. 

Our IPM Grub Control especially targets destructive white grub larvae and effectively eliminates them.  A single application provides superior season-long control ensuring your lawn is fully protected and free from damaging grub infestations.   

Nutri-Lawn IPM Grub Control Benefits

  • Eliminates destructive white grub larvae
  • Can be applied as a preventative treatment
  • Can be applied as a curative treatment
  • Only requires a single application
  • Safe for People, pets, children, non-target beneficial insects

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WhiteGrub-Collage1Check your lawn for damage caused by raccoons and other animals feeding on white grubs. 



Spot the Telltale Signs of Grubs

  • Check your lawn for grub larvae. If you see more than five grubs in one square foot, you likely have an infestation.
  • Dead patches of grass. Oddly shaped, circular patches of dead grass in early fall or late summer likely mean grubs are feasting on your lawn.
  • Raccoons and other critters digging up your lawn. Birds, skunks, raccoons, and other animals may be feasting on grubs in your lawn. 

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White Grub Control

White grub infestations can be devastating to home lawns when left untreated. Protecting the lawn from potential damage can save costly repairs.

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