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Lyme disease is on the rise across Canada and is being spread by the increase in BlackLegged tick populations. Nutri-Lawn can help eliminate the threat of tick populations around and across your property protecting your family and the risks associated with them.

Our Tick Control service specifically targets ticks during the spring and fall seasons when they are the most active and when you and your family are at the highest risk of exposure.

Our perimeter protection is designed to protect you and your family from harmful ticks and the vector borne diseases they can transmit. Our product is applied securing a full perimeter band around your property, eliminating the risk of ticks from entering. We also treat areas around your property inside the perimeter where ticks like to live so the entire property is protected. Spring, Summer and Fall applications keep you tick free all season long.

For additional protection we offer tick tube control service for your property. Tick tubes developed by Thermacell® are specially designed to eliminate ticks and prevent them from spreading Lyme disease to people and pets.

Tick tubes are biodegradable cardboard rolls that are stuffed with cotton that is treated with an active ingredient that kill ticks. Tick tubes are strategically placed around your property twice each season where mice live. Mice collect the cotton and use it to build their nests. Ticks feed on mice to obtain their blood meal and when they are exposed to the treated cotton they are eliminated.


  • Kills ticks that carry and transmit Lyme Disease
  • Tick tubes are carefully placed around your property where mice live
  • Tick Tubes contain cotton that is treated with the registered active ingredient for tick control
  • Approximately (12 tubes for ½ acre, 24 tubes for 1 acre) are placed around your property
  • Tick tubes are applied twice each season (May – September)
  • Tick tubes are fully biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly

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