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Gypsy Moth


Our Gypsy moth prevention service helps eliminate Gypsy moth caterpillar populations on your property before they defoliate and kill your valuable trees. Invasive Gypsy moth populations are at unprecedented levels (highest since the year 2000) across many parts of Ontario and Eastern Canada. Moderate to Severe defoliation was widespread in 2020 totally more than 570,000 hectares in Ontario alone. 2021 outlook anticipates the most historic defoliation since Gypsy moths were discovered in North America.

Our Gypsy moth service includes wrapping the trunk of trees in early spring (April/May) before the larvae life stage of the Gypsy moth emerges. This trunk wrap is very sticky and prevents caterpillars from traveling up and down the tree trunk. The caterpillars get stuck to this wrap and die when they come in contact with it. This sticky tape wrap helps prevent damage from caterpillars and reduces the risk of defoliation to the tree's foliage.

Non-toxic pheromone baited traps that attract male gypsy moths can also be installed during the summer moths to prevent mating with females and producing egg masses.

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