Noxious Weed Control

Noxious Weed Control is a non-selective herbicide application that effectively controls both weeds and grasses growing in undesirable areas.

Vegetation control serves many purposes and is widely used if and when there are potential public health and safety concerns. Hazardous vegetation including Giant Hogweed, Poison Ivy, and Wild Parsnip are considered poisonous to the touch and are deemed a potential risk to public health and safety.

Vegetation control is also used to eliminate weeds and grasses growing in and around hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, interlocking, etc. Vegetation growing along roadways, railroad lines, fence lines, under tree wells, throughout mulch beds, in gravel areas, or in very difficult to maintain areas can also be treated effectively.

In preparation for new seed plantings or sod installation, vegetation control may be required to help achieve successful establishment.

Vegetation control may be required multiple times throughout the season to eliminate new weeds that germinate between applications. Vegetation control service does not include the removal of dead plant materials.

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Giant Hog Weed
Giant Hog Weed

Poison IvyPoison Ivy