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Polyon Fertilizer

At Nutri-Lawn, all of our fertilizer programs are specially designed to produce optimal season-long performance, using our premium custom-blended fertilizers.

Polyon® fertilizer is trademarked by its green colour and delivers plant essential nutrients using the most advanced controlled-release technology in the lawn care industry.

Polyon fertilizer features a patented polyurethane membrane that encapsulates nutrients in each granule, releasing them slowly, consistently, and predictably for months at a time.

The Reactive Layer CoatingTM meters the nutrients out via temperature-controlled osmotic diffusion, and is not affected by moisture or microbial activity unlike other slow release fertilizers. This ensures nutrients are released gradually throughout the turf plant’s growth cycle, resulting in precise, predictable feeding that lasts for months with just one application. This controlled release effectively eliminates rapid growth surges and excessive clippings throughout the season.

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To compliment the enhanced performance, Polyon’s design makes it ecology friendly and environmentally safe. Polyon is engineered to maximize nutrient-use efficiency, thereby utilizing 100% of the nutrients eliminating environmental loss, nutrient lock-off, nitrogen volitization and soil leaching.

Polyon fertilizer has the ability to suit different geographies, soil types, and season lengths. Our programs are specifically designed with that in mind, so much so that customized blends are created exclusively for each market across Canada. This ensures the grass gets what's required, when it requires it, to look its best all season long.

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