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Insect Control

Grub GONE! Biological Control

Introducing Grub GONE!® an all natural biological control product that specially targets and effectively eliminates destructive white grub larvae. The first of its kind, Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) is a bio-insecticide that controls white grub larvae with the equivalent efficacy results achieved by synthetic grub control products.

Grub GONE!® works not only as a preventative treatment measure, protecting the lawn from grub infestations, but as a curative application by eliminating existing grub populations. Grub GONE!® is safe for people, pets, children, and off-target beneficial insects such as pollinators, birds and aquatics without any side effects or damage.

Grub GONE!® is specially formulated as a granular product and is evenly distributed ensuring effective coverage across the entire lawn. The most common white grub species including the Japanese Beetle, European Chafer, and the May/June beetle are all effectively controlled with Grub GONE!®

Grub GONE! is a newly registered, biological grub control product that is approved for use by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Grub GONE!® Benefits

  • Effectively controls destructive white grub species
  • All-natural biological - Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg)
  • Works both as a Preventative and curative treatment
  • Safe for People, pets, children, non-target beneficial insects
  • Effective control against 1st – 3rd instar grub infestations
  • Applied evenly as a granule
  • Odorless

Mode of action for grub GONE!

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White Grub Control

White grub infestations can be devastating to home lawns when left untreated. Protecting the lawn from potential damage can save costly repairs.


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