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Encourage and develop a thick, healthy, green lawn with industry leading product technology and service equipment. Each of our Nourishment Programs are seasonally timed for success, all using an ecology friendly approach to turf management.

You’ll stay up to date with the status of your lawn thanks to our Custom Evaluation Report, a detailed inspection that evaluates the condition of your turf. This custom report is specially prepared for your unique lawn and landscape, and is included with every service program.

*Prices based on a prepaid program for an average 2,000sq.ft. lawn. Smaller lawns or front lawns only may be less. GST extra.



Customers who want the essential package for lush, healthy grass


Starting price per season

  • Slow Release Fertilizer 
    5 Seasonally Timed Applications for Optimal Performance 
  • IPM Broadleaf Weed Control
    Season Long Broadleaf Weed Control Every Visit
  • Custom Lawn Evaluation
    Detailed Inspections & Lawn Monitoring Every Visit

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Get the ULTIMATE package to care for your lawn


  • Slow Release Fertilizer 
    6 Seasonally Timed Applications for Optimal Performance 

  • Winterizer Fertilizer
    Winter Root Builder Application
  • IPM Broadleaf Weed Control
    Season Long Broadleaf Weed Control Every Visit
  • Custom Lawn Evaluation
    Detailed Inspections & Lawn Monitoring Every Visit

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Perfect for the environmentally-conscious homeowner


Starting price per season

  • Organic Fertilizer 
    Premium Organic Based Fertilizer Applications Season Long
  • Custom Lawn Evaluation
    Detailed Inspections & Lawn Monitoring Every Visit

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Nutri-Lawn offers Ornamental tree & shrub care programs as well as the full complement of Fruit Tree care programs. Customers can buy one or the other, or combine both programs to cover care for all their plant material.


Ornamental Tree Care


Starting price per application

This is focused on non-fruit trees and consists of a Dormant Oil application in early Spring (Feb/March), granular slow-release shrub & hedge fertilizer in April, then 4 inspection visits, one per month May through August, to monitor for disease & pests and apply any necessary treatments. There a total of 6 visits in the full program.

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Fruit Tree Care


Starting price per application

This is specific to the variety of fruit trees. Types of fruit & the quantity of the trees determine your care program. Contact our office to book your fruit tree care.

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Deep Root Feeding


Starting price per application

This is done in the Fall on all larger trees & hedges. Liquid fertilizer is pumped and directly injected in the soil around the root zone of the trees and/or hedges. Fruit trees will benefit from this application, too.

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Our Most Popular Lawn Care Services

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver fertilizer services

Fertilizer Services

Make sure your lawn stays thick and healthy all season long. Our premium custom-blend fertilizer is evenly applied and seasonally adjusted for lush, green grass.

Controlled Release Fertilizer

Slow Release Nutrients

Tree & Shrub Care

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver weed control

Weed Control

Eliminate weed infestations without harming your lawn. Our selective broadleaf weed control is specially designed to effectively control those wicked weeds.

IPM Weed Control

Crabgrass Control

Fiesta Weed Control

Crack & Crevice Control

Noxious Weed Control

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver insect control

Insect Control

Prevent destructive insects from feeding on your grass. Our insect control products eliminate insects and protect your lawn from extensive damage.

White Grub Control

Chinch Bug Control

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn services

Lawn Services

Improve the overall health of your lawn with our wide selection of lawn services. Sort out your soil with core aeration or promote new growth with overseeding – your lawn will love you for it.

Liquid Aeration


3-in-1 Seed & Feed

Organic Topdressing


Power Raking

Core Aeration

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver's other services

Other Services

At Nutri-Lawn , we also offer a number of other services. Give us a call for more details.

Irrigation Services

Commercial Service

Landscape Maintenance

Mowing Services

Why Choose nutri-lawn


At Nutri-Lawn, we do the right thing, and we call this quality. We are dedicated to maintaining our position as the Kelowna's leading lawn care company through an extraordinary level of customer service and an unending commitment to the best products and practices in the marketplace.

We have 35 years of expertise, specific to the Kelowna region, provincially licensed lawn technicians, and an agronomist on staff that can prescribe nutritional and control products specific for your lawn and tree conditions.

We provide a full range of programs and services for you to choose from to keep your lawn and landscape healthy all season long. Call us, and experience our award winning customer service right from the very start!

Backed by Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Kelowna lawn care team is ready to serve you. Ask about our ecology-friendly weed control, insect control, fertilizers, and other seasonal services for the greenest grass.

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“Chad always provides good service, my pasture has come along nicely with all the rain and recent fertilization - timing worked out well.”
“I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally impressed with my Nutri-lawn experience. Everything so far has been done as promised when promised and flawlessly. ”

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