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Chinch Bug Control

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs pronounced "CH-inch" are the smallest destructive turfgrass insect by size, but the damage they can cause to a lawn is anything but.  Albeit tiny, chinch bugs can quickly devastate large areas of a lawn causing permanent and irrecoverable damage if left untreated.   

Chinch bugs are notorious surface feeding insects that cause damage by piercing and sucking the juices directly from the crown, stem, and blades of the turf.  This creates major stress to the plant resulting in browning out and eventual death to the plant. 

Damage is most common during the stressful Summer months when chinch bugs actively feed throughout the nymphal stage of their life cycle.

Chinch bugs live in the thatch layer of the lawn, where they feed on the grass and cause damage.  Damage created by chinch bugs looks very similar to that of heat and drought stress, making it difficult without close inspection to determine if the stress is being caused by drought or insects.

Chinch bug control applications are designed to effectively target and eliminate chinch bugs before they cause extensive damage.  Control options may be limited in some areas due to product restrictions and provincial regulations.   


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Chinch Bug Control Options

Traditional IPM Control

Most insecticides are applied as a liquid form and target chinch bugs at the surface of the lawn and in the thatch areas where they live.  Rapid knockdown of chinch bug populations can be expected immediately within 3-5 days.  Close monitoring evaluates the effectiveness and a 2nd application may be required if infestation levels remain high. 

Kelp Seaweed Extracts

Kelp extracts are all natural and 100% organic, rich in valuable minerals, cytokinins, and anti-oxidants.  Liquid applications of kelp to damaged areas help rejuvenate stressed turf and aid in quick recovery. 

Insecticidal Soap

Insecticidal soaps are considered safe and appropriate for organic use.  Insecticidal soaps penetrate the protective outer shell of the chinch bugs which causes dehydration and death within hours.  

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Chinch bug infestations can be devastating to home lawns if they are left untreated.  Protecting the lawn from potential damage can save costly repairs.  

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