Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs are notorious surface feeding insects that cause extensive damage to the lawn when they are left untreated. Damage is most common during the stressful summer months when the chinch bugs actively feed throughout the nymphal stage of their life cycle.

Chinch bugs live in the thatch layer of the lawn where they feed on the grass and cause damage. They use their mouth to pierce each leaf blade and suck the plant juices causing it to turn brown and die. The damage created by chinch bugs looks very similar to that of heat and drought stress making it difficult without close inspection to determine if the stress is being caused by drought or insects.

Albeit very tiny, chinch bugs can cause extensive damage in a short period of time. This damage can be permanent and the lawn will not recover on its own if chinch bugs are left untreated.

Chinch bug control applications are designed to effectively target the nymphal life stage of the insect when they are most vulnerable, actively feeding and causing damage.

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Chinch bug damage

Chinch bug in various life stages