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Nematode Grub Control

White Grubs (also known as European Chafer or Japanese Beetle) can be effectively controlled with Beneficial Nematodes. 

In addition to White Grubs, nematodes are also effective in controlling Leatherjackets and Sod Webworms. Beneficial Nematodes are:

  • 100% organic
  • Naturally occurring
  • Safe around humans & pets

At Nutri-Lawn, we schedule your nematode application to occur during the most sensitive stage of the insect's life. This generally occurs in August or early September.

The application will also be timed to ensure optimum environmental conditions for the nematodes. This means low light conditions and high humidity. Generally, applications are done during a rainy day, or we schedule it so the homeowner can provide the necessary irrigation to flush the nematodes into the soil.

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To ensure the best results for your beneficial nematode application, remember to:

  • Keep the soil moist at all times. This will drive the grubs closer to the surface, making it easier for the nematodes to infect them.
  • Keep your lawn moist for 10 days after the application. This will ensure a good survival of the nematodes.
  • Schedule a Core Aeration before the application. An aeration will facilitate soil penetration by the nematodes and improve control.
  • Schedule the nematode application at lower UV periods. UV is highest mid day, but every day is different. Alternatively, schedule the application during rainy, overcast weather. Nematodes are sensitive to UV, so applications during high UV will result in high nematode mortality.
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