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Lawn Services


Revitalize your tired or damaged lawn and have it looking just like new again. Our Slitseeding service effectively repairs weak, bare, and thin areas of your lawn, leaving them full of new grass before you know it!

Slitseeding is performed using a special machine called a slitseeder that slices shallow vertical rows into the soil. These vertical rows are cut in multiple directions while seed is impregnated directly down into these rows, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact, optimizing seed germination and improving turf establishment.


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Slitseed establishment

Slitseeding helps to:

  • Improve thin, bare spots and areas requiring renovation
  • Introduce new seed that resists drought, insect and disease pressures
  • Save money on costly new sod installation

At Nutri-Lawn, we:

  • Only use premium certified grass seed. The seed is carefully selected and customized for your lawn's growing conditions and requirements.
  • Recommend our Organics Plus Topdressing. Organics topdressing acts as a mulch, supplying your lawn with a range of micronutrients and further enhancing germination and establishment.

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Lawn Watering Tips

Not surprisingly, watering your lawn is one of the most important things a healthy lawn depends on. Still, it's one of those things that's often taken for granted.


What is Topdressing?

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