Have Your Lawn Looking New Again

Revitalize your tired or damaged lawn and have it looking just like new again. Our specially designed slitseeding machine effectively repairs weak, bare, and thin areas leaving them full of new grass before you know it!

Slitseeding - How Does it Work?

Slitseeding is performed using a special machine called a slitseeder that slices shallow vertical rows into the soil. These vertical rows are cut in multiple directions while seed is dropped and impregnated directly down into these rows at the same time. This ensures excellent seed-to-soil contact which optimizes seed germination and improves turf establishment.


Benefits of Slitseeding:

  • Ideal for damaged areas requiring renovation, or for thin and bare spots
  • Provides excellent seed to soil contact
  • Optimizes seed germination and promotes quick establishment
  • Introduces new seed cultivars specialized to resist drought, insect and disease pressures
  • Cost effective alternative option compared with new sod installation $$
  • See the amazing results in only a few short weeks!

Here are a few things to know about our professional slit seeding service:

We only use premium certified grass seed.
The seed is carefully selected and customized for your lawns growing conditions and requirements.

A premium blend of granular starter fertilizer is applied.

This helps ensure quick germination and turf establishment

We also recommend our Organics Plus Topdressing.
Organics topdressing supplies a broad range of micronutrients, acts as a mulch, and further enhances germination and establishment.

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Slitseed establishment
Slitseed establishment

Vertical Slitseed Rows
Vertical Slitseed Rows