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Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer

Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer (Reg. No. 29535 P.C.P. Act) just received federal regulatory approval by the PMRA in April 2010 and is now registered and available for use in lawns, parks, cemeteries, golf courses and athletic fields to selectively control broadleaf weeds in turf.

Operations manager Jordan Lavin gives Rogers local TV an update on the lawn care business one year after the province of Ontario pesticide ban removed some of the tools the lawn care industry was using to manage pests.

The latest release of Fiesta weed control is both timely and effective. John Payne of Rogers examines the effectiveness with before and after video of Dandelions Lavin had treated with the product Fiesta offered by Nutri-Lawn. Its made with iron, which occurs in nature. Fiesta kills the weeds, and not the lawn.

This new product was developed by Neudorff North America.  Fiesta is an alternative to the traditional three-way chemical herbicides such as Killex that have been banned in many areas across Canada and the United States.

The active ingredient of Fiesta is Iron in the form of FeHEDTA.  Fiesta iron is chelated with hydroxyethylenediaminetriaceticacid (HEDTA) to form FeHEDTA.  Fiesta contains 4.43% Iron in the form of FeHEDTA.

Fiesta’s mode of action is through Iron toxicity (oxidative damage) at the cellular level.  The excessive uptake of FeHEDTA by many broadleaf weeds leads to the contacted area to turn black and brown (tissue necrosis) and ultimately plant death.  Broadleaf weeds (dicots) absorb and uptake Iron differently than turf (monocots ) which provides the mechanism of selectivity. This allows the turfgrass to not be affected by the application and only the weed is controlled.

  • Fiesta weed control Kills the weeds, but doesn’t harm the lawn!
  • Fiesta works extremely fast and control results are expected in less than 48 hours!
  • Fiesta weed control is made with Iron, which occurs in nature!
  • Fiesta is rain-fast in just 3 hours!
  • Fiesta weed control is spot applied to weeds and is odourless!                              

FeHEDTA is compatible with integrated weed management practices in that it is applied only when weeds have emerged and is not used as a "preventative" treatment.

Fiesta is not available in certain by-law restricted areas.  Contact your local Nutri-Lawn Franchise to find out if Fiesta is available in your area.

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