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Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration

Our Liquid aeration service offers a solution that improves soil structure, soil physical properties and enhances nutrient availability without surface disruption and the challenges associated with physical core aeration.

Although core aeration is an extremely effective practice, core aeration only penetrates about 7 percent of the overall area of a lawn. For comparisons, liquid aeration is applied to the entire surface of the lawn providing full coverage.

Our liquid aeration features a unique combination of ingredients that include fulvic acid, humic acid, and salicylic acid, sea kelp, iron, and bio-stimulants specially designed to enhance nutrient availability and increase plant uptake.

Liquid Aeration Before&After

This formulation promotes strong deep roots, helps maintain high levels of antioxidants, improves soil’s physical properties, increases rootzone oxygen levels, and allows for deeper penetration of water with improved soil porosity. To add to these benefits, the carbon content further boosts beneficial soil microbes which accelerate the breakdown of undesirable thatch reducing insect incidence and disease stress.

Our Liquid aeration service isn’t restricted to just the spring or fall season like physical core aeration is. It can be done anytime throughout the season and incorporated with other beneficial services including overseeding and organic topdressing.

Liquid aeration is a great alternative to core aeration for properties with difficult access points, steep slopes, landscape features, irrigation systems (no need to mark heads), and for customers who prefer no disruption to the lawn's surface.


  • 100% of the lawn is treated
  • No physical disruption of the lawn's surface
  • Accelerated thatch breakdown
  • No messy soil cores left on the lawn
  • Increased infiltration and water holding capacity
  • Optimized nutrient availability and plant uptake
  • Extended root penetration and soil porosity
  • Enhanced soil microbial activity
  • Can be done any time of the year
  • No need to mark sprinklers
  • Enhanced colour and turf density

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