Organic Topdressing

Rejuvenate your tired lawn and improve poor soil conditions with our premium, all natural Organics Plus Topdressing mix. Organics plus topdressing is specially designed containing a unique blend of organic materials and plant essential nutrients conditioned to amend existing soil conditions.

Soils lacking in nutrients, poor structure, and low organic material create a challenge in maintaining healthy turf. Spreading a thin layer of 100% weed free natural organic topdressing across the lawn can help bring the lawn back to life by adding valuable nutrients, organic matter, micro-organisms that fight plant disease, improve heat and drought stress, and optimize seed germination and turf establishment.

Our Organics Plus topdressing is a premium organic compost that contains millions of beneficial microbes that help breakdown undesirable thatch layers on the lawn. It also works great with new seeding jobs ensuring ideal seed to soil contact and retaining important moisture for quicker germination and establishment. Organics Plus premium fortified Topdressing is an exclusive product of Nutri-Lawn, which will kick start your lawn like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Our Organics Plus Topdressing produces fantastic results and provides the following superb qualities:

  • 100% Weed Free fortified all-natural compost
  • Excellent for heat and drought stress conditions as it acts like a mulch to help retain soil moisture
  • Ideal for poor soils lacking in essential micro-nutrients and organic matter
  • Helps prevent turf disease by promoting beneficial soil organisms that compete with plant disease
  • Supports seeding by ensuring optimal seed/soil contact, retaining moisture and encouraging strong root development
  • Produces new soil through accelerated thatch decomposition

Organics Plus Topdressing is described as fortified because of its high nutrient content. Unlike peat moss, or topsoil, which has very few nutrients, our composts are rich in essential plant nutrients. This makes it ideal for use as a topdressing.

It is produced using a composting process, which assures that there are no harmful pathogens like e-coli or salmonella and no weed seeds that you often get in other topdressing materials.

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Premium Organic Topdressing

Spreading Organic Topdressing

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