Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed into a lawn. Overseeding on an annual basis is very important and highly recommended for every lawn, even the best conditioned. Overseeding introduces new endophyte enhanced grass species that require less water, less fertilizer, resist insects, disease pressures, and discourage weed infestations.

Overseeding provides many benefits for lawns that are thin, weak, and have minor areas of concern. New grass seed assists in thickening up these areas before they continue to worsen and problems arise. Continually adding new grass seed to an existing lawn helps keep it healthy and robust by replacing older tired grass.

Spring and fall are highly regarded as the best times to plant grass seed. Soil and air temperatures are warm while natural rainfall is usually common. These beneficial growing conditions help ensure optimal seed germination and make the establishment process much more successful.

The most important rule to follow when establishing grass seed is “If the seed dries, it dies.” Water is essential, and without it the seed cannot germinate. Maintaining a light frequent watering schedule multiple times a day until the grass fully establishes is vital. This ensures the seed always stays moist and doesn’t dry out.

Depending on the grass species, it can take several weeks or months to fully establish new seedlings. Special aftercare is involved as it relates to mowing during establishment. New seedlings are tender and can be easily damaged if mowing frequency and mowing height are not adjusted to favour the seedlings. Wait 4 – 6 weeks after full germination until regular mowing practices are adopted.

Combining a core aeration service with overseeding is an excellent way to achieve optimal performance by maximizing the benefits both services have to offer at once. Visit our Core Aeration service page to learn more about the benefits of core aeration.

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