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Crabgrass is one of the most common grassy weeds that infest lawns every year. Signs of crabgrass infestation generally start to appear beginning in late spring when it starts to germinate. Throughout the summer months, crabgrass thrives in the heat and aggressively takes over desired turf. If crabgrass is left untreated it quickly spreads along sidewalks, driveway edges, boulevards, and throughout full sun areas of the lawn. To make matters worse, crabgrass is a very prolific seed producer which creates a large seed bed for the following years. This in large part is why crabgrass is so prevalent year after year.

Our crabgrass control program is specially designed to protect your lawn and prevent any crabgrass before it has a chance to germinate. Timing is critical and our application is scheduled as a pre-emergent for early spring well before any crabgrass germination takes place. This application effectively provides season long crabgrass control and eliminates any chance of infestation.

Our crabgrass control product also offers early post-emergent control. If the initial pre-emergent control timing is missed, our control product is effective eliminating crabgrass in the early 3-leaf stage before it tillers. This application provides immediate results that stops the spread before the crabgrass can establish itself and prevent seed production.

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Don't let crabgrass take over your lawn.

Alternately, pre-emergent applications of natural corn gluten sources have shown some level of crabgrass suppression in areas where synthetic control options are not permitted.

Physical removal and non-selective control options may be the only control choice in areas where control products are not permitted. 

Contact your local Nutri-Lawn to learn more about the crabgrass control options available for your area.

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