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Toronto Lawn Care and Weed Control Programs



Encourage and develop a thick, healthy, green lawn with industry leading product technology and service equipment. Each of our Nourishment Programs are seasonally timed for success, all using an ecology friendly approach to turf management.

You’ll stay up to date with the status of your lawn thanks to our Custom Evaluation Report, a detailed inspection that evaluates the condition of your turf. This custom report is specially prepared for your unique lawn and landscape, and is included with every service program.


Ideal For

Lawns with weed infestations, thin spots, and poor colour

$517.49* (15% Prepay Discount)

Starting price per season

7 or More Services

Controlled Release Fertilizer Technology
Season Long Fertilizer Applications

Fiesta Weed Control
Season Long Broadleaf Weed Control

Aeration & Seeding
Core Aeration and Spot Seeding

Custom Lawn Evaluation 
Detailed inspection and Analysis Report

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*Up to 1000 sqft lawn.



Lawns with weed issues and lacking nourishment

$384.62* (15% Prepay Discount)

Starting price per season

5 or More Services

Controlled Release Fertilizer Technology
Season Long Fertilizer Applications

Fiesta Weed Control
Season Long Broadleaf Weed Control

Custom Lawn Evaluation 
Detailed inspection and Analysis Report

Get Started Anchor

*Up to 1000 sqft lawn.


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Make sure your lawn stays thick and healthy all season long. Our premium custom-blend fertilizer is evenly applied and seasonally adjusted for lush, green grass.

Controlled Release Fertilizer

Enhanced Calcitic Lime

Kelp Seaweed Extracts

Tree & Shrub Care



Eliminate weed infestations without harming your lawn. Our selective broadleaf weed control is specially designed to effectively control those wicked weeds.

Fiesta Weed Control

Noxious Weed Control

Crack & Crevice Control



Prevent destructive insects from feeding on your grass. Our insect control products eliminate insects and protect your lawn from extensive damage.

White Grub Control



Improve the overall health of your lawn with our wide selection of lawn services. Sort out your soil with a core aeration or promote new growth with overseeding – your lawn will love you for it.

Core Aeration

3-in-1 Seed & Feed


Organic Topdressing


Why Choose Toronto Lawn Care




Give your property the love it needs. With ecology friendly solutions that are backed by our Customer Guarantee, Toronto’s leading organic lawn care and property maintenance professionals have the tools, technology, and know-how to create and maintain a healthy and safe property.

We understand that maintaining a property is more than fertilizing, seeding and weed control. It’s about partnering with you to achieve the property you deserve, all while providing a first-class customer experience.

Your property is unique, which is why all of our maintenance programs can be tailored to you and your budget. Avoid the hassle of scheduling appointments and have peace of mind knowing that your property needs are looked after, including aeration, fertilizer, topdressing, weed and pest control, overseeding, and automatic sprinkler system installation.

Backed by Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Toronto lawn care team is ready to serve you. Ask about our ecology-friendly weed control, insect control, fertilizers, and other seasonal services for the greenest grass.

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Calgary Nutri-Lawn Google ReviewsFacebook Nutrilawn Toronto
Wow! The seeding job you did for me looks amazing. I never thought the lawn could look this good.
Michael S.
Valued Toronto Lawn Care Customer
Our lawn looks better than a golf course. We are very pleased with the results of your service.
Mary Jane S.
Valued Toronto Lawn Care Customer
Your Fiesta weed control was very effective in getting rid of our weeds. We are very happy with the condition of the lawn now.
Jane T.
Valued Toronto Lawn Care Customer

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