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Fine Fescue


Fine Fescue is an excellent species of grass for shady backyards due to its excellent shade tolerance. It requires almost half the fertilizer that Kentucky Bluegrass does, so it's a good species for low maintenance areas.

The fine textured leaves blend in well with other species such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass, so it is often included in standard
grass seed mixes.

Advantages of Fine Fescue grass types include:

  • Grows well in shady areas
  • Tolerates low fertility as it requires less fertilizers to keep it growing healthy
  • Tolerates drought as it requires less watering than grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass or Bentgrass
  • Quick germination and rapid establishment
  • If maintained properly, it holds its green colour very well

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Fine Fescue Grass Type


Disadvantages of Fine Fescue grass types:

  • Does not tolerate wet, poorly drained soils
  • Slow recuperative rate, so worn areas heal slowly
  • Tends to thatch up quickly, so we recommend performing an annual Core Aeration on Fine Fescue lawns
  • Susceptible to Red Thread disease
  • Chinch Bugs love Fine Fescue because of the tendency for Fine Fescue grass to create excessive thatch

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