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PurKote™ Fertilizer

PurKote™ Adaptive Nutrient Delivery is precisely designed to release plant essential nutrients for the exact rate compatible for the lawns requirement. PurKote™ is the next generation of polymer-coated controlled-release fertilizer specially developed to revolutionize the professional lawn care industry.

PurKote™ is trademarked by its purple colour (the POWER of PURPLE). Each granule is encapsulated in a proprietary polymer coating that releases the nutrient source feeding the lawn evenly for months with a single application.


  • Next Generation Fertilizer
  • Consistent Predictable Nutrient Release
  • Environmentally-Friendly Profile
  • Superior Coating - Thinner, more Durable
  • Customized Release Profiles for each Region
  • State-of-the-art Production Process

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PurKote Long Release Fertilizer

Feed your lawn for months with PurKote™ fertilizer.


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