Grass Types

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a grass type best used in full sun areas. If starting a new lawn from seed, be prepared to water lightly every day for a month in order to be assured good germination and establishment.

Lawns established from sod commonly consist largely of Kentucky Bluegrass. If this sod is laid in a shady backyard, the Kentucky Bluegrass will not flourish and overseeding with a shade tolerate grass like Fine Fescue is recommended.

Advantages of Kentucky Bluegrass include:

  • Good colour and density
  • Flourishes in full sun areas
  • Great ability to spread
  • Recovers from damage rapidly
  • Good cold tolerance and Winter survival
  • Very disease resistant and tolerant to wear and tear

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Disadvantages of Kentucky Bluegrass include:

  • Does poorly in shady areas
  • Susceptible to Leaf Spot and Necrotic Ring Spot diseases
  • Tends to create an excessive thatch layer quickly
  • Very slow to germinate (3 weeks)
kentucky bluegrass grass type

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