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Customer Nourishment Experience

1. Nutri-Lawn will call the day before each visit to confirm that we will be coming to your home, and to let you know if we require any assistance from you to allow access to the lawns we are going to treat. Courtesy is a fundamental element in good service and the experience you have with our company.
2. We perform a 27 point Custom Lawn Evaluation that gives you all the information you will ever likely need about the health and condition of your lawn. This evaluation helps us prescribe how we need to treat and nourish your lawn to its maximum health.
3. We like to give you a face to know and remember when we first come to your home, if you are there when we arrive. We believe you want to know who you are trusting with your lawn, and we like to meet the people we serve.
4. As the summer season unfolds, your lawn’s health will show real improvement. We will give you a report that shows you where your lawn is compared with where it was to begin with, and where it is headed next.
5. We want you to be supremely happy with the results of our work and nothing says that better than an end of season inspection, and with it a chance to hear your feedback and comments, as we also take the opportunity to say thank you for being our customer.
6. As one season ends and next year approaches, we stay in communication with you so that we stay alert and ready for your needs of us, and prepared to serve you and your lawn once more.

Customer Nourishment Experience