Most of our customers are referred and repeat clients. As far as we're concerned, your satisfaction is the sole indicator of how good we are.

Being informed ahead of time when service is coming

Pam P-E

Very efficient and reliable Lawn looks great

Grant & Jeannette S

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Service is well done. Appreciate the contact prior to visits and the reports following the visits. Keep up the good work!

June O

Year over year great service

Jagan S

Very courteous, listen to our concerns and very professional.

Jim & Lise R

Field staff are very competent and great to work with. Admin staff are responsive and very accommodating.

Cindy W

Guys are friendly and my grass looks great. Also you keep me well informed.

Linda C


Mike B

My grass looks amazing after 1 or 2 treatments, it’s easy, I don’t have to call you about when to come. You get the job done and it is no work for me. Grass has never looked better

Lucy S

Always professional and very helpful, friendly staff! Great lawn care, thank you!

James & Lori G

Excellent customer service! Very pleased with how my lawn looks year over year.

Silvia M

The service

Don & Marlo B

Timely communication and professional service.

Rob & Wendy K

Reliable and courteous

Robert B

There is always a quick response to any issue. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Marcel & Robin G

Good communication about appointments for each service and services are done with accuracy and care.

Bruce C

Staff listens to concerns and attempt to rectify problems

Donna S

you on time work and fair price

Abed D

The people skills from the customer service (Rhonda) and Cody Thompson the representative coming to my house are impeccable.Already I am noticing a change in the color of my grass and as well the growth I hope that eventually the grass would be at the same level everywhere.

Monique S

I have always had the perspective that the people we deal with care that the service provided does indeed advance the quality of the lawn. It is the impression that they care about what they do and that installs a sense of trust.

Tim & Liz H

Always on-time, always show up, wonderful customer service when I call (my questions are answered promptly). Our lawn looks natural and the advice we get after each service visit is appreciated.

Melanie W

Great employees and their services

Ralph S

Service men give you a report of what they observe for your lawn and what to do

Onofrio P

Courteous staff and knowledge about lawn problems

Louise S

Reliable and consistent pricing. No surprises or disappointments.

Jeanette M

Great service from Rhonda and staff for over 10yrs. From our Christmas lights installation to our lawn care. I wish they did lawn cutting too😊. Joanne

Tony & Joanne C


Lionel D

Serious company, good services, staff correct

Robert & Betty W

Customer Service is excellent...workers who come to apply the program are polite and hardworking

James C

Good. Communication with your office, your service crew is on time, polite pleasant and very efficient. They fix things in a timely manner. Rates are reasonable.

Annie R

You phone before you come

Andrea G

Good service. My lawn seems to well with your product.

Rob & Karren C

You always get back to us with an answer

Mark K

Staff is very personable, and listen to your needs, always let you know in advance when they will be coming. Notify you of any issues with lawn that should be looked at.

Tina S


Martin W.


Ian & Darlene M

A loyal customer for 20 seasons. Mike and his staff take good care of both our property and us. Customer service is taken seriously. Issues (if any) are corrected and follow ups are conducted. Thank you

Dino & Lea C

Ther service works well

May-Jean P

Great service and you know your products

Laura S

Products seem to do a fairly good job. Service is great.

Josee P

Great Service

Susan B


Lucille N


John & Marjorie B

Your communication is good, with a phone call as well as an e-mail. Our lawn is looking good after a hard winter. Keep up the great work. Lloyd

Lloyd P

Great services and the products work well on my lawn

Judy C

our lawn is looking better every year

Gary & Darlene R

Prompt professional services. Feel like I am getting good value for my money.

David G

I like that there are organic options. I have always been pleased with the friendly service provided when I have had questions. I appreciate being informed ahead of their visits

Jennifer A

I would highly recommend your services to anyone that requires it. You have proven that you care about your customers and their property. I thank you so much for your honesty and devotion to my lawn care.

Joanne G

Great service, always answers all questions.

Debbie B

I like the comprehensive service offerings and how easy it is to schedule.

Phillip & Ingrid H

Reliable, good service packages

Jim & Wendy H

I am a new customer. I see nutri lawn provides good customer service

Angelo V

The kindness and information of your sales people

Linda P

Thanks for your great services!! 👍

Kami D

You are responsive to your customer needs and always looking for ways to improve your already great service.

Matthew N

All natural products are used.Good reliable services

Margaret V

I love the professional staff and the quality of the work. We have never had a problem in over 10 years.

Dave & Sharon D

Quick feedback and reporting. Competitive pricing

Dave H

Very reliable team, pleasant and the customer service is of high quality.Products work and I doo not have to worry about the pets

Lesley L

Nutri-Lawn has been on-time, constant and provides a great value for all lawn and garden care.

Shawn L


John H

Good communication. Fast redoing services that need attention.

Ross M

In advance notification of service

Pat N

The job is always done with care! 

Mary A

The the service is well looked after!


lawn appears healthy and weed free technitions are personable and helpful

Stuart W

Technicians are genuinely interested in helping you get your lawn the way you like it. And Rhonda is great!!

Vito & Laura S

It all works! Great staff and super knowledgeable experts!

Carl F

very good and adequate communication concerning planned activities/application in advance. Follow up emails are appreciated. Good value for service.

Mauro & Lucy F

The follow up with email after a service is great

Janice D

Service is great

John W

Timely and friendly service.

Carol B

Friendly and reliable staff

Paul & Wendy B

The results are wonderful!! You took a weed covered lawn and turned it into something beautiful. Thank you!

Ally F

Easy to do business with, local to Aurora and reasonably priced.

Ross M

Customer service is excellent

Jamie & Lisa D

Great reliable company and staff

Tom M

fast & efficient!

Linda M

Efficient service

Charlotte S

The technicians are knowledgeable and helpful and have addressed our concerns promptly.

Dawn W

Easy to set up, affordable options, and it works.

David K & Peggy S


Bruce S

Nutrilawn has been decorating our home with a stunning display of Christmas lighting for two years now and we couldn't be happier with the results. The installation is performed professionally as promised and when promised with very good quality lights and hardware. Any burned out bulbs and repairs were dealt with very promptly so the display always looks perfect. The results speak for themselves. Compliments from the neighbours are many, and we are very happy customers.

Henry & Mandy Gaj, Pickering Ontario

I appreciate the regular communication touch points by phone and email. I also appreciate the reports on my lawn's health with tips on how to improve it.

Jennifer Gayle

Can't really think of anything to improve. I think the service is great!

Charlene Baptist

Everything has been wonderful! No suggestions.

Susan Pridham

Service is excellent. Good recommendations and no pressure to take advice given. Lets me still have control over my lawn care decisions but with expert advice available if and as needed.

Mark Morgan

Satisfied with service program over the past years.

James and Linda Morrison

I think you took care of business in a proper and professional way.  The more more you take care of weed control the more you flourish in this challenging market. Thank you for your excellent service. 

Joseph Raffi

great customer service, dont think theres much that could be improved upon

Aqil Najafi

like the way the info is online. makes it easier to handle and pay the invoices. saves time and avoids callbacks

Tony Sam Laurie Larson

We are very happy with the service. We appreciate the phone calls letting us know when a treatment is being applied.

William and Tania Hube

Your service and support has been wonderful!!

Judy Hutchins

We were very happy with the service, the only thing we might suggest for us is an extra days notice before a treatment. We are dog owners and we always try to keep the yard clean before a service tech comes but sometimes it is tricky with our schedule Everything was great, we followed some of the suggestions and trimmed our tree back and tried to water our lawn a bit more. All in all we were very pleased.

Geoff and Christie Budreau

we are currently quite satisfied with your service. Really great service. Keep it up!

Jim and Louise Beauchamp

I have been satisfied with almost all of the services that I have booked through your company so far. I like that any time I have had a concern or question, there is always a person I can speak to and get things sorted out. Also, everyone I have dealt with in the company has been pleasant, friendly, and eager to help

Sarah Capewell

Great Job!

Steve and Julie Hastings

This is the first time I'm using your service and so far I'm quite happy with it.

Jutta Boyd

As a first time client I found your service to be great. Our lawn care / pond representative was very professional, pleasant and personable.

Jodi Stratton

Nothing you could do more, Very Happy!

Grant and Jeannette Saunders

Love the service from the Technicians to the office!

Shelly Rose

Service is good, so the one other thing important to me is value. As long as you can keep your prices as low as possible, and good service continues, I feel I am getting good value for the money. Things that I have found most useful with your service and hope you continue:  Providing a quote on a particular service without me having to ask for it  Notification of a service a day ahead

Lindsay Peterson

Service is Great!

Diane Attridge

We are very satisfied you’re your company and service!

Marcel Bernard


The lawn looks beautiful and the sprinkler system is savings us hours of watering

Mark Bailey

I'm very impressed with Peter and Matt. Yesterday they worked like fury to install the system without even a break. Everything looks great and you can't even tell where the lines went in. Thanks again, you guys are fantastic!


I have been dealing with Mike at Nutri-Lawn York North and must commend him for the attentive service he has provided. His work has helped to bring my lawn from a disastrous condition three years ago, to a much healthier and attractive condition today - on very sandy soil."

K. Aagaard

I am a very satisfied customer and feel I am getting excellent value for what I have spent.

M. Baily

Phil, Thank you for the quick service applying the new weed control. Don't forget to call me in the fall to revisit my lawn service program and make appropriate changes.

L. Pollard

Peter did a fantastic job!! Thank you. Happy that irrigation is working

M. Lau

Our lawn was a mess when you took us on, but it looks great today! I'm sure the new owners will want to continue with a great company.

Josie B.

Thanks for your great service in the past, and I look forward to a good season next year.


Great services. Thanks for making my lawn look like grass again.

Julia S.

I love how I can call you guys all of the time and ask as many questions as I need, you are so informative! Thank you so much!


Michelle came by to do my first application today and I am just so impressed. She represents your company very well. Thank you very much.

John U.

I would like to say, that I have been very satisfied with Nutri-Lawns products and services over the last few years, and found your telephone and treatment application staff to be very polite, courteous and knowledgeable. A credit to your organization.

Marc J.

Hello Ronda,Martin and Mike; I have to share this with you because i have just received my 17th year annual courtesy call from Nutri Lawn to go over my program of lawn care. I sat back for a moment relizing how we all have busy schedules and don't take time to thank people for the things that we do for each other. I would sincerely like to thank all of you at Nutri Lawn for advising me,answering my questions and most of all taking care of my lawn knowing I could not do it without all of you.Consistently for the last 17 years from neighbours that walk by and ask why my lawn has no weeds and is so green ........all I have to say is Nutri Lawn ......and here is the number.....for those that have followed my advice are also experiencing the same great looking Nutri-Lawn. Sincerely thanking all of you at Nutri Lawn.

Domenic Z.

After moving into my new home in the country about a year ago, I called NutriLawn to have my lawn fertilized and treated. They came on time and gave me a good quote, good advice and did a great job on the lawn. At that time, I had the pleasure of meeting and eventually working with Martin Williams. I told Martin that I was about to install some lighting around my property. Martin informed me that his company also provided that type of service and that he would like me to see what they had to offer before I went ahead with my plan. Martin brought a professional over to my home from "Night Scape Lighting" and together we discussed what our ideas were and what would look and work best. We came to a mutual agreement to strategically place (quite a few) low voltage lights around my house and property (mostly in trees). As the lights went up I saw some spots that were dark and I ended up adding a few more lights. The final result was nothing short of amazing. The effect the lighting has had in terms of aesthetics and security has made me the envy of the neighborhood. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to see your property all lit up at night (although discreetly), just like a ski resort. It was a significant investment but one that was well worth it as it will allow me to "fully" enjoy my home (especially at night) for many years to come. Now back to my lawn. I have about 1 acre of grass on my property and I was concerned as to how I was going to water it. NutriLawn provided that solution for me as well by way of an "In Ground Sprinkler System". Again, they surveyed my property carefully and planned out a water system that would cover all of my lawn both front and back. It has worked wonderfully during this hot summer and my flowers and lawn couldn't be happier. Anytime I have had an issue with my systems (which were minor and few), Nutrilawn has answered my questions thoroughly and provided me with prompt, reliable service. It has been a pleasure to work with them. Always professional and courteous, I have nothing but good things to say about them. And yes I know, that's a rarity nowadays! Best Wishes NurtiLawn and keep up the great work and service.

Earl Hollingsworth

This comes to you as a comment on your customer service. As you know I had put my account on hold as we were doing some landscaping. Well, after the work was done and we put down new sod we noticed mushrooms. I called Nutri- Lawn to see what needed to be done. I called 4:30 the Friday before a long weekend I was satisfied to leave a message and figured someone would get back to me after the weekend. I was surprised to have received a call from MIKE at 4:45 that same evening. He had heard my message and called to give me relevant information about the mushrooms which I found helpful. We also restarted my program and he advised him that he would come out personally to assess the lawn because it was new sod and he would fertilize with a “new sod “ product. I felt confident in speaking with Mike and he also made me feel secure about the work he was going to do to ensure a beautiful “new” lawn. Thanks to all of you!

Grace P.

On behalf on Karyn and myself, I am delighted to once again write to you to indicate our gratitude to Mike for an outstanding effort in terms of our new lawn and sprinkler system. By way of background, we wrote last year to compliment you on the outstanding lawn maintenance and weed program. This year we were forced to replace the entire front and backyards with new sod due to both the City of Vaughn digging up the front yard and the dog ruining the back. We also elected at the same time to install a sprinkler sytem. We chose Nutrilawn without getting any other quotes due to your performance last year. The lawn looks beautiful and the sprinkler system is savings us hours of watering, and allowing us to go on extended holidays without having to worry about the lawn. In all respects, Mike has personally provided Concierge-Level service. He has been on site to supervise both the new sod and sprinkler system, and has returned on multiple occasions to ensure that we are totally satisfied. I have gone so far as to call your Head Office to tell Roxanne that Mike should be giving seminars at your franchise meetings in regards to customer service. Please feel free to give our names and number to any potential client who request a reference. We would be pleased to assist in any way we can. Have a great summer, and stop by when you are in the area.

Mark Baily M.D.& Karyn Bass

I’m very impressed with Peter and Matt. Yesterday they worked like fury to install the system without even a break. Everything looks great and you can’t even tell where the lines went in. I do have one question – do the flags need to be kept – I worry with snow and boulevard traffic that they will be moved around. I can push them into the ground further if you need them for the start-up next year. I will write the cheque for the invoice left yesterday and drop in the mail today. Thanks again, you guys are fantastic!


Hi Rhonda Thanks for taking good care of me once again. The fiesta seems to really work well…yeah!!!!!

J. Hopkins

HI Rhonda Unfortunately I have no "before" pictures, but trust me when I say that our lawn was full of all sorts of weeds, and that we were pulling several hundred a day with no end in sight; prior to my desperate phone call to you. I imagine it was due in a large part, to the fact that the fields adjacent to our houseare full of weeds(some 6 feet high) and that they were blowing onto our lawn. Imagine my surprise and joy, when I came home from work the day after you treated the lawn, to find the weed population decreased by 99%. What a relief!I am enclosing pictures that I immediately took that day to show the incredible results. You are more than welcome to give my name and number to any potential clients. I am a very satisfied customer and feel I am getting excellent value for what I have spent.

M. Baily

Thank you for the quick service applying the new weed control. Don’t forget to call me in the fall to revisit my lawn service program and make appropriate changes. ie: overseeding

L. Pollard

Peter did a fantastic job!! Thank you. Happy that irrigation is working

M. Lau

I just wanted to say thank you so much for our beautiful lawn! You guys did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Janice Prazoff

There is in my opinion an excellent standard of service from the office to the lawn-care technician.

Marlene Dee

We appreciate and thank your company in keeping our lawns beautiful over the past few years.

The Toronto Ontario FM Group

Nutri-Lawn is without a doubt the best service I have ever used. Our lawn has never looked bette

Diane Sumi

What you are doing is excellent. My lawn looks fantastic.

Mrs. Bingham

The lawn looks better than it has in the 22 years we’ve lived here!


In a recent survey, I suggested that a call prior to the delivery of services would be appreciated. I was delighted to receive such a call today to tell me that the service was going to be delivered tomorrow. This enabled me to mow my lawn prior to you getting here. Thank you very much for being such a responsive company.

Robin Gray