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Most of our customers are referred and repeat clients. As far as we're concerned, your satisfaction is the sole indicator of how good we are.

I've always had excellent lawn and property maintenance from these folks (for several years now), and the people in the office are professional, polite, and helpful too. Recently they added Christmas lights to their service, and did the exterior of my house and a large tree. It looks fantastic, was VERY reasonably priced, and they followed up after a storm shook things up a bit to take care of some sections that the wind knocked around. I gladly recommend these guys.

Matt H.

Amazing service! I would Highly recommend this company to anyone!

Emily K.

Nutri-Lawn rescued my lawn! About 5 years ago my lawn was turning into a soft, swampy marsh and I did not have the time to properly take care of it. Nutri-Lawn designed a program to restore the lawn to good health and they've been taking care of it each year since. They are a professional group who provide hassle free service. I trust my lawn care to Boyd and his Team!

Nolan J.

I've dealt with many lawn care companies during my 38 years of home ownership here in NL and also on the mainland. My experience with Nutri-lawn has been by far the most superior. They have delivered the on everything that they advertise. The Nutri-lawn staff are all knowledgeable, approachable and easy to communicate with. They have all the answers to my lawn care questions and readily available to offer suggestions or do a site visit. I could go and on. I recommend their services to anyone who will listen. I want to thank all their staff for their excellent customer service.

Marcel P.

We have had exceptional service from Nutri-Lawn for 10 years. Boyd Loveless and his staff do a great job ensuring our lawn always looks green and healthy. I would highly recommend them.

Karen G.

My lawn is always in great shape with the help of nutrilawn. It is always green and well taken care of by the professional staff. My land borders a playground which is entirely full of weeds. We have no weeds which is because of the program that nutrilawn has put in place for us. Thanks to nutrilawn we don't need to worry about anything when it comes to having the best lawn in the cul de sac.

Jennifer K.

We've had Nutri-Lawn at two different houses. They have provided expert service with excellence and at both places, both lawns flourished.

Jadon H.

Tyler Puddifant is the best Irrigation man in town.

Lee Crowell - Bedford, NS - June 2017

I had a brief discussion with Hugh Muise before he went to work and questioned him on a few concerns but just wanted to pass along compliments on his knowledge of your products and how he seemed so extra diligent in his application process this morning. His pace and attention to coverage was much appreciated this morning.

Rick Winter - Hammonds Plains, NS - June 2017

I had a very enjoyable meeting with Joe. We were about to throw in the towel so to speak, but after his visit we felt we may actually be able to save our lawn and he renewed our faith in Nutri-Lawn. He is quite a salesman and truly believes in your products. He is an asset and a keeper for your company for sure.

Ken O'Hearn - Lake Echo, NS - June 2017

I am really happy that I went with Nutri-Lawn this season, the service is absolutely perfect!

Gwen Beazley - Portugese Cove, NS - June 2017

Thanks for sending Alex Nolan out to do a service call. We chatted, he is a really nice guy and I see a difference in the weeds already, I really appreciate it.

Angie Banks - Lawrencetown, NS - June 2017

Tyler Puddifant & Mike McIntyre were by to start-up my Irrigation system. They were great and very polite

Marilyn Hill - Halifax, NS - June 2017

I just love Ryan Crawford and his knowledge of lawn care.

Lorna Ryan - Dartmouth, NS - June 2017

I want to thank you for your professional and friendly service. You are always very helpful with tips on how to keep our challenging lawn looking good. We have been satisfied customers of Nutri-Lawn for many years.

Judy Paulson - Bedford, NS - June 2017

The lawn looks great after the Power raking. I am very pleased with this service.

Elizabeth Hickman - Middle Sackville, NS - May 2017

The guys were here to power rake this morning and they did a super Job!

George Giles - Greenwood, NS - May 2017

The power raking crew did an awesome job!

Hugh Vincent - Halifax, NS - May 2017

I have had more constructive dialogue with your company than I did in the 5 years I was with another lawn care provider. Although Zach Conohan may have been a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand (as am I!), it was refreshing to have an honest opinion and someone who genuinely cared about the best use of my money. Thanks.

Karen DeMings - Windsor, NS - May 2017

I was referred by one of your customers who you have done great work on their lawn.

Michelle Carter - Williamswood, NS - May 2017

Thank you for the timely excellent service as promised.

Janet Hopewell - Halifax, NS - May 2017

Matt Brophy our technician and Jackie Zorychta in the office are both exceptional.

Debbie Ross - Halifax, NS - May 2017

Excellent service as always!

Heather Cameron - Dartmouth, NS - May 2017

Yes, we are confirming. We want you back. You did such a great job last year. Go to it please.

Margo Kerr - Halifax, NS - April 2017

Logan & Jacob did a super job today. Every leaf was cleaned up and the power raking went really well. I am extra pleased!

Krista Chen - Bedford, NS - April 2017

Congratulations on winning the 2017 Consumer choice award! I switched to you from another lawn care provider and I can see why you won the award.

Darryl Soidell - Hammonds Plains, NS - March 2017

We couldn't be more satisfied with your service. Kenny Shea, has been a pleasure to work with.

Ray Crooks - Seabright, NS - December 2016

Just a few quick words to tell you how pleased we are with your outstanding services. We have now been customers of yours for about 9 or 10 years spanning two separate properties. Prior to your hire, both lawns were in poor condition. I had tried many things previously but nothing worked. But after just one season of receiving your services, our lawn recovered and thanks to continued TLC from your staff, became lush and green. When we bought our new house, we didn't think twice - we hired you again right away. And again we were impressed - our lawn is now thick, lush, green and easy to maintain. Not only is the product outstanding, but the service of your staff is also fantastic. Your people provide exccellent advice that helps me care for my lawn to supplement your services. We thank you for your wonderful service and look forward to having you work with us for many years to come. - Jason

With gratitude for the beautiful Rhododendrons you had planted for us this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with peace and joy. You do indeed "Nourish Lawns and Lives". - Irene N.

It was very easy to refer my friend to your company because of the confidence I have in your services. Many people said his lawn could not be saved and had to be replaced. I called and a supervisor went to his house to have a look . Within 10 minutes of arriving a plan was in place and it worked! The front lawn is 99% and I am sure that the back lawn will come back after another year of lawn care. - Mr. H

I just signed up for the Fiesta Weed Control program and I should’ve told the representative Dandy who helped me on the phone what a good job he did, but I didn’t get his name. I know that so often people call to complain, but he was so good to me over the phone, I had to give some feedback. He was very polite and gave all of the details without the information being overwhelming. He is a great representative for your company. - Sanrda Q.

I had an opportunity to chat with Kevin (the Lawn Care Technician) today as he applied fertilizer. Kevin is knowledgeable, experienced and helpful with excellent customer relationship skills. Please let him know I appreciate his help. - Noel T.

I wanted to give you feedback on the treatment we received from Brian, your Lawn Care Technician. Brian took the time to talk to us and answered the concerns we had about our lawn. We did exactly what he suggested regarding the yellow, dead patches on the lawn and I just wanted him to know that we were extremely pleased with his recommendations. As a customer I feel that when we are given advice, we should work as a team towards a beautiful green lawn. - Helene L.

I just thought I would let you know how impressed I was with my recent in ground sprinkler system installation. I was shocked when I got home and there was no evidence you had been there that day. I was also impressed with Joe’s plumbing work in the basement. Thank you. - Art B.

The lawn looks great, excellent actually and we’re really happy with the results - Bernadette March

Randy called just to let us know that his lawn looks 'superb'! It's so green and lush and beautiful and he says he has no problem being an avocate for Nutri-Lawn. He asked that I pass that along to everyone! :) - Randy C.

Cust just renewed svcs and said "if I ever try and cancel my services again, please remind me what happened the year I didn't have you guys. - Tonya

I couldn’t be happier with the results and appearance of my lawn. Nutri-Lawn planted a tree for me and it’s perfect and you also did the Slit- Seeding. The lawn’s 1,000 times better... Great Job! - Rebecca Tibbo

A few years back the owner visited my property personally and made my lawn go from the worst in Holyrood to the best. I am EXTREMELY happy with our services and will request your services in my new home in St. John's. Please hold my credit so that I can use it on my new lawn. I have full faith that we will have her lawn looking amazing there as well! - Lorraine

I've been a customer of Nutri-Lawn for 10 years. My first call to Nutri Lawn came as a result of a disease getting into my lawn killing most of my grass. A representative of Nutri Lawn immediately came to my assistance, worked on my lawn, and eventually I again had one of the best Lawn's in the area.Upon changing residence I again called upon Nutri Lawn for their assistance with my w Lawn. I have nothing but high praise for the professional and friendly service provided by the Nutri-Lawn representatives. I've found them to be experts in their field and willing to offer you information and advise on any concerns you may have cerning your Lawn, trees and scrubs.During the past years I've received several comments from neighbours and others on the excellent condition of my Lawn. When I told them the credit has to go to Nutri-Lawn I know some have followed up with calls to Nutri-Lawn to assist them in obtaining a Lawn "Second to None" I would recommend Nutri-Lawn to anyone who wishes to maintain one of the best lawns in their neighbourhoods. - Jim Hare

Thanks, mom enjoys her lawn and appreciates Nutri-Lawn keeping it looking great! - Frank C.

It was very easy to refer my friend to your company because of the confidences I have in your services. Many people said his lawn could not be saved an had to be replacedaaa The front lawn is 99% and I am sure that the back lawn will come back after another year of lawn care. - Mr. H

With gratitude for the beautiful Rhododendrons you had planted for us this year.We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with piece and joy. You do indeed Nourish Lawns and Lives - Irene N.

Great customer service and experienced technicians know just what to do to get your lawn in the best shape! Janelle R.

We are a return customer! We were a customer for a couple of years then tried to do it ourselves. Never had the same results as Nutri-Lawn so we are back again. This is our second year back and they are correcting all of our mistakes. Thank you! - Doyle S.

This is our second year using Nutri-Lawn and we can already see a difference in our lawn! I am sure after this summer there will be even a greater difference. Thanks for doing such a great job! - Charlene R.

My husband and I are very pleased with the services Nutri-Lawn has provided us. We have been customers for a few years and will continue to be. Our lawn continues to thrive due Nutri-Lawn. - Loretta H. 

A reliable team that delivers consistent quality lawn care! - Natalie D.