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Most of our customers are referred and repeat clients. As far as we're concerned, your satisfaction is the sole indicator of how good we are.

The price was very competitive and services were delivered in great time. Sales rep was also very informative and helpful.

Leanne Lewis, Hammond Plains, NS - September 2019

Good communication on when services are applied. Jacob Coyle is very professional and a real asset to your company!!

Mark Tanner, Halifax, NS - September 2019

I appreciate that the technicians all give feedback on what services etc. are required for the lawn. Hannah and Joe have been very helpful, even coming out to talk about the problem I have with the chinch bugs and both have provided excellent advice. The services are scheduled and we always get an email in advance of the visits.

David Ingram, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS - September 2019

We had the slit seeding done and it was amazing results. Like the whole package. Would recommend it

Mary Lou Chaulk, New Minas, NS - September 2019

We LOVE the service that Nutri-Lawn provides. Our lawn is looking so much better. Thank you, Hugh!

Tracy Huskilson Ford, Bedford, NS - September 2019

I like that you get a detailed email of the service to be provided a few days before hand. Logan our technician is amazing. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful with tips on what to do between visits. He’s definitely a huge asset to your company. My lawn has never looked better. Kudos Nutri-Lawn

Celeste Skinner, Halifax, NS - September 2019

Ongoing attention to lawn care, including being as environmentally friendly as reasonably possible, leads to a reasonably healthy lawn over time. Also, contracting out to knowledgeable professionals makes sure that it gets done and that we don't have to do it ourselves. Many thanks!

Jim Muckle, Chester Basin, NS - September 2019

I really like our technician, Zac Conohan, who has serviced our lawn now for many years. he is personable and professional. I am also happy with the email notifications the day before services are to be done.

David Wills, Wolfville, NS - September 2019

All staff are knowledgeable and personable . I appreciate the email notices on when Nutri-Lawn are coming and after they have completed the task. You can really count on Nutri-Lawn!!!

Heather Cameron, Dartmouth, NS - October 2019

Polite and helpful service from front desk to actual property care providers. Pricing seems reasonable. Prompt follow up

Paul & Valerie Folk, Bedford, NS - October 2019

Excellent quality, terrific service, and knowledgeable staff. They are courteous and professional. We’ve been using Nutri-Lawn for several years and have received many compliments.

Eric Helson, Dartmouth, NS - May 2019

The service from the technician Ryan Crawford is excellent. Ryan is a reliable source of information on issues or suggestions for our lawn care and very capably addresses any questions or concerns.

David Wartman, Dartmouth, NS - May 2019

Environmentally friendly products and they control yearly dandelion problems

Brian Brown, Stillwater Lake, NS - May 2019

We love Zach our technician!

David Wills, Wolfville, NS - May 2019

Prompt and polite. Your web services are great too!

Bruce Lohnes, Lower Sackville, NS - May 2019

We are very happy with the service and the ease of use

Hillary Hommy, West Porters Lake, NS - May 2019

My lawn looks great and my service tech Zach is awesome. Thank you.

Mike Walsh, Wolfville, NS - May 2019

Advance service notification, products that work, and staff that consistently provide friendly service and helpful recommendations.

Jill DeVanney, Lawrencetown, NS - May 2019

Prep, email communication pre and post visit, flexibility with additional services, professional approach and employees

Ernie Kemball, Halifax, NS - May 2019

I like the young gentleman(Zach) that comes and does our lawn and let's us know what services we need.

Harry Vincent, Kingston, NS - May 2019

I like the person that looks after our lawn. He is very knowledgeable.

Lee Slauenwhite, Kingston, NS - May 2019

Knowledgeable and very polite employees. When you advise you will be coming you always meet your schedule. Billing system is accurate and efficient.

Doug & Heather Adamson, Windsor Junction, NS - May 2019

You have kept my lawn looking great for years .I appreciate that the products are eco friendly .

Janice Clark, Dartmouth, NS - May 2019

Reasonably priced and they know how to make your lawn green

Thomas Carson, Bedford, NS - May 2019

Lawn always looks great and exceptional service.

Trevor Graves, Dartmouth, NS - May 2019

You always keep me up to date about what is going on with my lawn and what and when I can expect my services. My yard looked pretty bad last year before I started receiving your services and in just one year it had big improvements, until the crows tore up my front lawn. I am hoping this year will show even more improvement.

Mary Behan, Dartmouth, NS - May 2019

I believe it is your continued applications that help battle the grubs and the chinch bugs and the ravens, and of course, the weeds. No other efforts, including having the front completely resod, has made any difference. You're all very friendly

Janset Mufti, Halifax, NS - May 2019

I like how I was heard. The guy that came was very knowledgeable

Krista Mason, Cole Harbour, NS - May 2019

Very polite staff and always do a great job. Thanks

Mike Donald, Halifax, NS - May 2019

Very professional business & very informative. Employees are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any inquiries. Looking forward to a successful & rewarding lawn care season with you.

Sophie Tucker, Lower Sackville, NS - May 2019

Personal touch & contact! Very knowledgeable

Larry Peyton, Fall River, NS - May 2019

The pleasantness of the office staff, their knowledge, and willingness to provide me with the services I require while working to keep me within my budget, is greatly appreciated. Add to that the professionalism of the technicians, and quality of the products used is why I have been a repeat customer.

Jay Bugden, Fall River, NS - May 2019

Very prompt and thorough with getting services started

Brittany Klingmann, Bedford, NS - May 2019

We've used services in the past. Most pleased with everything. This year, we used one service and pleased again with timely and efficient service call.

Ellen Hearn, Halifax, NS - May 2019

Very professional with compassionate hard working field staff.

Larry Whittington, Montague Gold Mines, NS - June 2019

Happy Nick worked with us to get a plan that works for our budget.

Heather Webber, Glen Haven, NS - June 2019

Prompt response to my original inquiry, liked the day before email notification about service the next day, signage on my lawn after service, information left about service done that day. Also liked that I got an invoice with my email notification and an invoice left.

Annette Glass, Cole Harbour, NS - June 2019

The service was delivered promptly and efficiently. I’m already seeing the difference in my lawn and I’m very happy I chose Nutri-Lawn.

Copeland Pratt, Timberlea, NS - June 2019

After just one year of using your service the lawn (in our opinion) looks great and that's why we decided to continue the service this year. Staff is very knowledgeable and does recommendations as to what our lawn needs to look it's best

Angela Harper, Bedford, NS - June 2019

I appreciated the clarity of the instructions that Tyler and Sean provided; their hard work during the installation and their care of the surrounding gardens and stone work that existed on the site.

Brian Tuttle, Dartmouth, NS - June 2019

Our lawn was completely covered in weeds. After only three treatments it has improved drastically and the grass is coming in great. Customer service has also been exceptional. Very happy with the service we've received.

Sarah Kinnie, Middle Sackville, NS - June 2019

Had my first applications since signing up. My husband used your company for several years... He was very happy with your services and pleasant & courteous staff.

Pat LeBlanc, Lower Sackville, NS - June 2019

Good range of products

Walter Fairclough, Fall River, NS - July 2019

Knowledgeable personnel.. Fast and efficient.

Karen Nauffts, Dartmouth, NS - July 2019

They are efficient, on time and products seems to work very well.

Al Verge, Bedford, NS - July 2019

The products work well and the customer service is very good. The technicians are also very friendly.

Susan Oickle, White's Lake, NS - July 2019

Products keep the lawn looking good. professional, friendly staff who provide the service.

Darryl Sutherland, Port Williams, NS - July 2019

Very friendly, if there is a problem they are right on it, just a call away. Great company and very informative.

Patricia Boudreau, Lower Sackville, NS - July 2019

Treatment seems to be effective. I notice a difference after using services for only one year. It seems the lawns I see around the city carrying the Nutri Lawn sign are very healthy…

Aleca Fraser, Dartmouth, NS - July 2019

Excellent customer service. Pleasant and respectful employees.

Donna Sutton, Bridgewater, NS - July 2019

Quality service and excellent people to deal with.

Keith Edwards, Fall River, NS - July 2019

Good notices for visits, and service is professionally done!!

Bob Chandler, Dartmouth, NS - July 2019

Staff know their products and are happy to discuss any concerns. Great service. I will continue to be a customer. Thanks !!

Anne Dube, Halifax, NS - July 2019

Your products are not toxic and animals and children can walk and play on the lawn immediately a treatment. Good for the environment products. We like being advised beforehand of a visit as well. Great service.

Jeanne Misner, Bedford, NS - July 2019

Our lawn was not doing well mid summer 2018 and then we hired Nutri-Lawn. We have seen steady improvement since. So far we believe we are getting value for our money

Jack Dehmel, Halifax, NS - July 2019

Reliable, friendly service, and a discount for seniors. Thanks for the great, dependable service.

Dianne Raoul, Bedford, NS - July 2019

Very pleasant people to deal with. Our lawn looks a lot better today than it did this time last year.

Dave Trickett, Hammonds Plains, NS - August 2019

Having Nutri-Lawn responsible for my garden gives me a piece of mind.

Yasser Mostafa Kamel, , Bedford, NS - August 2019

Excellent customer service, friendly technicians and very knowledgeable staff

George Hosking, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

I like that you know what my lawn needs and when it needs it. We are happy with the regular updates, and our dog appreciated the treat bag!

Kim Wheatley, Halifax, NS - August 2019

Professional service - done as promised and well .. Results are evident.

Keith Dexter, Seabright, NS - August 2019

Keirtan was very careful doing the treatments and nice to deal with. Also, Brianna is great and is very knowledgeable about the services offered. I really appreciate the advance notice of the upcoming visit and how accommodating everyone is. I would definitely recommend your company and in fact, I have done so.

Jenette Kervin, Lower Sackville, NS - August 2019

Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable about products for lawns

Gary & Michelle Cooper, Kentville, NS - August 2019

We have enjoyed your honest, friendly and professional service for over ten years.

Krista Chen, Bedford, NS - August 2019

Very prompt serviceman who was very informative and friendly !

Bruce Smith, Kentville, NS - August 2019

Arrived in a timely manner, and especially liked the recommendation that was made for the patchy lawn we currently have.

Doug Langevin, Lower Sackville, NS - August 2019

We had a showing on the house the morning of Aug 1st, the lawn was due to be sprayed, your company had no problem coming in the afternoon. Thank you for your patience. I can not spray trounce for what you people can do it for. Then I have to count my time. It is nice to deal with a company that does the work when they say they will. Superb communication.

David Higgins, Halifax, NS - August 2019

Great service, effective lawn treatments, and environmentally friendly. I’ve used Nutrilawn for over ten years to keep my Halifax property looking great. I’m really pleased!

Elizabeth Hughes, Halifax, NS - August 2019

We like the fact that we always get a notice the day before the tech arrives and we get a written notice on his way out. The notice always explains any and all treatments and any suggestions they have.

Hilda and Eugene Stevens, Williamswood, NS - August 2019

I like that the products are environmentally friendly and the technician who comes to my home is very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks

Janet Moore, Kentville, NS - August 2019

Really good service and my technician is very knowledgeable. I like that the products are natural and don’t harm the environment.

Debra Crowell, Kentville, NS - August 2019

Very satisfied with the service and the techs are very polite and knowledgeable.

David McNeil, Cole Harbour, NS - August 2019

Nutri-Lawn works with environmentally friendly products, there is always an email announcing an upcoming treatment visit, and our lawn is definitely improving under Nutri-Lawn’s care.

Lorraine Thompson, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Your products are very high quality and your services are exceptional. Your staff is very well informed and patient with customers.

Yolanda & Sam Pinedo, Williamswood, NS - August 2019

Service and notification including report left with the visit is highly appreciated.

John Penney, Bridgewater, NS - August 2019

Products, communication, and feedback. The technicians are knowledgeable , approachable, and professional. When we have had an issue it is dealt with promptly. We have been a customer for many years!

Judy Paulson, Bedford, NS - August 2019

They work! We were having troubles trying to get our lawn to look like a beautiful green healthy lawn and you have done this for us…

Debbie Whyte, Upper Tantallon, NS - August 2019

The products put on our lawn truly help keep it looking good. The service provided by the technician is very good. We find him friendly and helpful and mostly I like he is not a pushy person he provides us with the information and lets us know what could happen if things are not done.

Harry & Pat Boyle, Williamswood, NS - August 2019

Very professional and I like the advance notice that Nutri Lawn is showing up and the application being performed.

Mike Innes, Bedford, NS - August 2019

Zack is great to work with very informative and always takes the time to answer any questions we have and he does very good work

Tony Cochrane, Kingston, NS - August 2019

Your materials seems to be very effective. I’m very surprised at how well my lawn looks.

Bernard Gareau, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Staff is always professional ,courteous and friendly. My lawn looks great as well.

Susan Smith, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

I get my yard front and back looked after on a regular basis. Great service and no problems. The company is very flexible

Bob Eaton, Halifax, NS - August 2019

Good or better than any of the other lawn service companies. Great flexibility on scheduling and payment.

Bill Garland, Bedford, NS - August 2019

I find that all the staff I had contact with were very polite and friendly.

Sharon Mader, Mineville, NS - August 2019

Service is timely, efficient and friendly. My lawns look better than they have in years! Your technicians are great too!

Sherry Richardson, Mason's Point, NS - August 2019

How you were able to take a weed filled lawn within my second year and made it in to grass once again is amazing . Thanks

Steve Shaw, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

System of notifications of visits and responsiveness to feedback, both at office reception & at management level. Repertoire of services. Friendly & considerate service employees. Trustworthy company.

John Deroche, Brookside, NS - August 2019

On time, never have to call and the staff is personable on the phone and polite .

Todd & Theresa Meaker, Middle Sackville, NS - August 2019

Made the lawn look great and easy to deal with when I have questions

Chris Mitchell, Brookside, NS - August 2019

Products works well & service is great. Friendly techs.

Frank Johnson, Windsor Junction, NS - August 2019

Very good service and great suggestions from Zach our technician

Donald Craswell, Middleton, NS - August 2019

Professional service makes it easy for the customer to select various options and pay online. Friendly staff with reliable scheduling and good communication.

Chris Foran, Stillwater Lake, NS - August 2019

The service is top shelf!

Dustine Rodier, Bedford, NS - August 2019

Excellent products that are used on my lawn which are safe for animals. Customer service is very easy to contact and help with any questions or billing inquiries. Technicians always arrive on the day that is scheduled and always send out a notice in advance which I like. Great company to do business with.

Christine Forsyth, Bridgewater, NS - August 2019

Quick to respond when we have issues or questions and the products are excellent at promoting growth of a strong and healthy lawn.

Laurene Rehman, Cole Harbour, NS - August 2019

The timeliness and organization and communication about your services. But most important the end result — a great looking, no hassle lawn for me.

Doug Rose, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Very organized, professional approach, as well as friendly competent staff.

Carl & Leigh Day, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

I like that your products are pet friendly and your services work in getting positive results for a healthier lawn.

Jeannette Hunt, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Excellent to deal with. Very responsive to inquiries or concerns. Very professional.

Andre Walsh, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

The service is great, love the communication, and when I follow instructions (like watering) the lawn looks wonderful.

Craig Thompson, Halifax, NS - August 2019

Service is on the day it get scheduled... first time using a lawn service... really happy with the results so far... will make for a great lawn next year!!!

Randy Veinotte, Timberlea, NS - August 2019

My lawn is looking the best it has in years. Very satisfied with the value for money.

Paul Farquharson, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Its always easy to speak to an actual person when I call I appreciate the way they communication and respond in good order.

Michael Paul, Halifax, NS - August 2019

The level of customer service I have received is nothing short of excellent from those I have had the opportunity to deal with. Ryan Crawford, the Lawn Care Technician is knowledgeable and has always been very professional and helpful..

Stratton MacDonald, Cole Harbour, NS - August 2019

I like that our lawn is healthy and weed free!

Judy Cornelius, Hammond Plains, NS - August 2019

Extremely prompt and courteous service. Ease of making payments. All questions answered at time of asking. Clean equipment.

Mary Jane McMaster, Forest Hill, NS - August 2019

Zack is great. He offers friendly advice, he cares about his clients, and about the work he does. As a result of his efforts, we have one of the best lawns on the street.

Glenn Bishop, Kentville, NS - August 2019

I appreciate having a lot of flexibility with the plans and additional services. I also appreciate not feeling up-sold. The service has been excellent from the reports to having all my questions answered patiently and politely when I call. Thanks!

Karen Damtoft, Glen Haven, NS - August 2019

The complete line of products. Your thoroughness and timely visits. Your advice. Your email updates on product and care.

Jerry Gallant, Timberlea, NS - August 2019

We are happy with the service & our lawn has certainly improved since we became a customer of Nutrilawn.

Charles Savary, Cole Harbour, NS - August 2019

Communication is excellent. Service personnel are professional, well spoken, and knowledgeable..

Renee Dankner, Halifax, NS - August 2019

I like the results I’m seeing. The lawn has gone from a hard weed infested one that had a few wisps of grass to a lawn that can be actually mowed! It's a work in progress but we can already see a vast improvement. I like being notified when you're coming and having an update on the process. Great job!

Debbie Anthony, Lower Sackville, NS - August 2019

Great service and products definitely improves our lawns growth and health.

Rick Smith, Windsor, NS - August 2019

I was very impressed with the promptness of service I received from your company. I was looking for treatment for chinch bugs, but I was not going to be around next week as I am going on vacation. Alexa, the lady I was talking to, said she would get it done ASAP. I arrived home the next day and the yard was sprayed.

Leigh Hunt, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Good friendly service and a healthy and nice-looking lawn. Couldn't ask for more.

Marie Christ, Halifax, NS - August 2019

I am very pleased with the companies communications program. Advance notices have helped me to get my yard ready for the various applications, maximizing the service. The technician that visits is very knowledgeable and courteous. I am very pleased with this valued service.

Bill Laird, Kingston, NS - August 2019

We are very satisfied with Nutri Lawn services provided by technician 'Kenny.' Thank you.

Garry McCay, Dartmouth, NS - August 2019

Everything gets done at the optimal time. Very reliable. Pet friendly products

Eleanor Reardon, Dartmouth, NS - April 2019

Prompt, courteous, and efficient

Larry Baker, Lakeview, NS - April 2019

You do what you say and when you say you will do it.

Gordon Clarke, Fall River, NS - April 2019

Keep up the good work

Ross & Juanita Gillis, Middle Sackville, NS - April 2019

Great products and fantastic service!

Dave Lamont, Timberlea, NS - April 2019

Service is prompt and professional.

Ray Crooks, Seabright, NS - April 2019

Great service, knowledgeable staff. Ryan is there early and very pleasant. He knows what he's doing.

Angus Scribbans, Cole Harbour, NS - April 2019

I am very pleased with the products and services that Nutri-Lawn has provided and performed on my lawn over a number of years. I occasionally hear comments from friends and neighbors on how nice my lawn appears.

Murray Banks, Dartmouth, NS - April 2019

The people are very friendly and my lawn looks great. What more can I ask for?

Patricia Pender, Eastern Passage, NS - April 2019

Great staff. Very reliable. Did a good job on our lawn.

Mike Malone, Halifax, NS - April 2019

Prompt service and can add as needed

Sava Tapson, Bedford, NS - April 2019

Reliable boost for lawn care. Very responsive to feedback and great technicians.

Claude Allain, Dartmouth, NS - April 2019

The employees are polite. I get pre warning of upcoming visits and a print out as well as an electronic message of the work they did. Keep me informed of work that should be done. The prices are reasonable.

John Cleveland, Falmouth, NS - April 2019

Services are prompt and the products work

Chris Lavigne, Dartmouth, NS - April 2019

I had a Fiesta Weed control application done today and I was very impressed with Jacob Coyle's calibre of work!

Mona Salter Halifax NS - September 2018

I had my lawn Top-Dressed and Slit-Seeded today by Mitchell White and Isaac Stepaniak. They did a great job! Thank you.

Mike D'Arcy Cole Harbour NS - September 2018

Thank you to Wayne Singleton for visiting my property today. He answered all of my questions and touched up a few difficult weeds. I recommend Nutri-Lawn to all my neighbours!

Linda Gordon Wolfville NS - September 2018

I am very please with your standard of service. Laura Faulkner does a wonderful job!

Keith Dillman Bedford NS - September 2018

I am very happy to see Nutri-Lawn donating a portion of Fall Aeration sales to Feed Nova Scotia! Please sign me up for a Fall Aeration, this makes me a very happy customer!

Jackie Thomas Dartmouth NS - September 2018

James White is a wonderful young man. We have enjoyed having him service our property and we hope he returns next season !

David & Julie Lloyd Dartmouth NS - August 2018

I have only just started service with Nutri-Lawn but I already see a huge improvement in my lawn thanks to the fertilizer and irrigation. Thank you to Tyler Puddifant and Sean Hoyt for getting my sprinkler system up and running again!

Cara O'Blenis Windsor Junction NS - August 2018

I wanted to say how great my lawn technician Laura Faulkner is. She explained everything and did a great job.

Gary Robitaille - Bedford NS - August 2018

Thank you for you services over the years. We will not hesitate to recommend your company to others. All the best.

Ron & Mary Hatcher Halifax NS - July 2018

Jackie Zorychta, a short note to thank you for sending a crew over to complete the top-dressing of my lawn. The crew was very professional and courteous and did the work in a timely fashion.

David Males Dartmouth NS - July 2018

I called to say that I'm extremely impressed with all the staff at Nutri-Lawn. I am happy with how professional and quick you are to address customer concerns and make sure to tell Fraser McOuat he has been doing a wonderful job.

Karen Dennis Glen Haven NS - July 2018

I called to say how pleased I am with your services, the lovely office staff who are always pleasant on the phone, and to Joe Tanner who has calmed my worries about the lawn. Joe is very good at what he does and has a wealth of knowledge.

Sharon Grandy Dartmouth NS - July 2018

I just wanted to say again, how pleased we are with Logan Jeffries. He is extremely thorough and does a fantastic job.

Marie Poisson White's Lake NS - July 2018

We started with your service this summer. Thus far we are happy with the results from the products. More than the products however we have been very impressed with our tech, James White. James White is personable, approachable, and really seems to care.

Marcus Noseworthy Dartmouth NS - July 2018

Hats off to your technician James White. He is doing a great job, friendly guy, and he knows what he's talking about. He's a testament to the professionalism I have come to expect from your company.

Larry Turner Dartmouth NS - July 2018

I'm so pleased with the lawn and Kenny Shea, who was so considerate to leave our dog , dog treats! Please tell him thank you!

Jackie Thomas Dartmouth NS - July 2018

I wanted to say how fantastic Kenny Shea is. The lawn looks so great since Nutri-Lawn has taken over.

Steve Shaw Dartmouth - July 2018

Thank you Kenny Shea for taking care of our lawn. My whole family is very impressed.

Jackie Thomas Dartmouth NS - July 2018

Thanks Jackie Zorychta, you are great to work with and you will always have my business.

Harry Ullock Windsor NS - July 2018

Compliments to your irrigation technicians Tyler Puddifant and Sean Hoyt. They were punctual, on time to the minute. They appeared very organized in their work while working as a team. They were very attentive to all my needs and questions.

Elizabeth Hickman Middle Sackville NS - July 2018

Laura Faulkner was very helpful and professional!

Dale Gennette Bedford NS - July 2018

Our lawn is the best it has ever been. Thank you Lorenz MacDonald!

Robert Scott Lantz NS - July 2018

I am very impressed with your technician Lee Wilson. He is very professional and pays great attention to detail.

Lynn Woods Lower Sackville NS - July 2018

Jason Falkenham did an absolutely wonderful job aerating my lawn. He did everything just the way I wanted it done.

Dolly Jocys Halifax NS - July 2018

Great job Laura Faulkner! The weed control was excellent.

Donna Brewster Beaver Bank NS - July 2018

I haven't found another lawncare company that has someone with Matt Brophy's knowledge and expertise.

David Whitehouse Bedford NS - June 2018

I called in to say how great Matt Brophy is. He is very caring and professional. He takes the time to explain everything to me. Thank you.

Paul & Eileen McNeill Halifax NS - June 2018

I am over the moon with how excellent the service has been. I absolutely love Laura Faulkner. She is very kind, personable and has done a fantastic job. I'm always impressed by the high level of customer service from your company.

Krista Chen Bedford NS - June 2018

We are very pleased with the results of our lawn. Our technician Matt Brophy is very professional and courteous. The condition of the lawn brings a smile every time we arrive home!

Randy Spaulding Halifax NS - June 2018

I am very impressed with your company and plan to continue with you from season to season because you all do such a great job.

Jack Hingston Lower Sackville NS - June 2018

Thank you Sean Hoyt, Hannah Wright and Zach Whitehead. My lawn hasn’t looked this good in years. They have all been the most accommodating, professional and knowledgeable staff around!

David Ingram Musquodoboit Harbour NS - June 2018

Laura Faulkner is a terrific technician.

Jamie Saunders Bedford NS - June 2018

We love the look of our lawn! I would never have thought we'd have it back again. You do amazing work!

Jackie Thomas Dartmouth NS - June 2018

Matt Brophy is fabulous. He is very professional and knowledgeable and is never in a rush. Thank you Matt Brophy!

Brian Parsons Halifax NS - June 2018

Joe Tanner, Liam MacNeil as well as all the staff have been great to deal with. I tell everyone about your company.

Katherine Lund Upper Tantallon NS - June 2018

I wanted to compliment your technician, Jacob Coyle. He was polite, friendly and thorough. He is a fine representative for your company.

John & Maureen Gillespie Fall River NS - June 2018

I just wanted to thank Hanna Wright for her visit today. She was thorough and efficient with the service she provided. I am looking forward to having her look after my lawn this season.

David Ingram Musquodoboit Harbour NS - May 2018

Our technician Zach Conohan is a great representative for your company. He is always cheerful and friendly.

Joan Decker Meadowvale NS - May 2018

Joe Tanner visited today and was very helpful. He applied grass seed and top dressing to our lawn. What a wonderful surprise. Thanks Joe.

Ruby Clarke Dartmouth NS - May 2018

Jacob is a great young man. He does a wonderful job. I am very pleased with the results.

Dolly Jocys Halifax NS - May 2018

Our lawn looks amazing , we didn’t think it would turn around so quickly. Thank you to Logan Jeffries!

Donna Flemming Williamswood NS - May 2018

I am extremely impressed by the kindness and professionalism shown by Joe Tanner, Lee Wilson and Mitchell White. I look forward to having the best lawn in the neighbourhood!

Jerome Hickey Middle Sackville NS - May 2018

I have interviewed thousands of people in my career and I can tell Matt Brophy is a keeper!

Anne MacDonald Halifax NS - May 2018

I was prepared to switch to a competitor but Joe Tanner was such a gentleman. He was very kind and knowledgeable, I couldn’t say no to continuing with Nutri-Lawn. Thank you

Liz Tierney Dartmouth NS - May 2018

Matt Brophy is wonderful. I am so impressed by his professionalism.

Nimfa Bautista Bedford NS - May 2018

Kenny was very knowledgeable and informative, as well as being extremely personable. Thanks Kenny

Gary & Louise Fraser Dartmouth NS - May 2018

Top marks for our technician Zach Conohan. He is wonderful to deal with.

Dan & Shauna Sweeney Greenwich NS - May 2018

I was speaking to your technician Huey Muise today. He is a very good representative for your company.

Connie McCool Bedford NS - May 2018

I had a chance to meet Logan this morning. He is a great guy, he really knows his stuff!

Carla Clarke Timberlea NS - May 2018

Zach Egan is a delightfull and professional technician.

Kimberly Burstall - Fall River, NS - August 2017

I had a great chat with Alex Nolan. I am very impressed with Nutri-Lawn thus far. I look forward to the process of lawn improvement.

George & Mae deBellefueille - Porters Lake, NS - August 2017

I saw your vehicle in front of my house this morning and thank you Ben Filek for a great job!

Linda Moore - Halifax, NS - August 2017

I am very pleased with Laura Faulkner. She is such a sweet girl and when she arrives and thinks it's too early to knock on the door, she always leaves me a note to let me know that shw was there early.

Dianne Levy - Middle Sackville, NS - August 2017

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the work of Tyler Puddifant & Mike McIntyre on the installation of my Irrigation system. Tyler & Mike are exceptional representatives for your company. Their personal interaction, consulting and listening to the customer and explaining the process throughout was very comforting. A Job extremely well done by two great ambassadors for the Nutri-Lawn company.

Harold MacNeil - Lantz, NS - August 2017

I am very pleased with Kenny Shea. He is very courteous and professional. What a great employee you have!!

Colleen Studley - Waverley, NS - June 2017

My lawn is beautiful this season, I am very happy with the results!

Gertrude McManus - Halifax, NS - June 2017

I am very happy with Janelle Kuipers. She explained everything to me.

Donna Aalders - Timberlea, NS - June 2017

I am very pleased with Zach Conohan. He is a wonderful young man. He answered all of my questions and walked the lawn with me.

Lila Peterson - Cambridge, NS - June 2017

Cole Thompson & Jacob Cole did a wonderful job on my lawn yesterday

Cathy Deyoung - Sambro Head, NS - June 2017

I am very please with Nutri-Lawn. I appreciate the before service e-mail because it allows me to coordinate with the mowers. I am very happy with Hugh Muise. He is very knowledgeable, polite and he always lets me know when he arrives/leaves and he listens to my concerns.

Loretta Walker - Hammonds Plains, NS - June 2017

Hal Roach is very nice, very informative and always answers all my questions.

Calvin Ehler - Dartmouth, NS - July 2017

I am a customer because of Matt Brophy. Matt is a great ambassador for your company. He is very friendly, has a lot of knowledge and I was very impressed.

Jerry Slaunwhite - Halifax, NS - July 2017

I like Zach Egan, he is an asset to your company.

Scott Young - Fall River, NS - July 2017

Thank-you Nutri-Lawn. You are Fabulous!

Dorothy Whillier - Hubley, NS - July 2017

The lawn evaluation Is very good, I have been very impressed with your services.

Loretta Walker - Hammonds Plains, NS - July 2017

I want to say hat's off to Matt Brophy! He's always helpful, leaves us notes and describes things to us. He is a wonderful guy!

Keith Dillman - Bedford, NS - July 2017

I am very impressed with Alex Nolan. I am pleased with the progress I have seen even after just one application of weed control as well as Alex's noting of my lawn condition. I am looking forward to the remainder of the program.

Ryan Gilbert - West Porters Lake, NS - July 2017

Our lawns look awesome!!!

Thom Oulton - Kentville, NS - July 2017

Thank you for the quick response. Joe Tanner was by and applied an additional weed control spray and he did a great job.

Vicki McKenna - Seabright, NS - July 2017

I want to compliment the work that was done this week. Core Aeration, Top Dressing and Over-Seeding. I have lived at this location for years and nobody has ever taken the care that Nutri-Lawn did to do a good job.

Eileen Millett - Bedford, NS - July 2017

I wanted to let you know that I am really happy with Nutri-Lawn and in particular my technician Ryan Crawford. He is great and always comes to the door and let us know of any issues. We are very Happy.

Lorna Ryan - Dartmouth, NS - July 2017

Thanks for the follow-up appointment. I appreciate it!

Greg & Lynn O'Brien - Hammonds Plains, NS - July 2017

I just want to let you know how impressed my wife and I are with Janelle Kuipers service. We have a large city property with hills and she didn't cut any corners. She took her time & spoke with us and explained things. She is a true testament to Nutri-Lawn.

Susan Fogarty - Halifax, NS - July 2017

Tyler Puddifant is the best Irrigation man in town.

Lee Crowell - Bedford, NS - June 2017

I had a brief discussion with Hugh Muise before he went to work and questioned him on a few concerns but just wanted to pass along compliments on his knowledge of your products and how he seemed so extra diligent in his application process this morning. His pace and attention to coverage was much appreciated this morning.

Rick Winter - Hammonds Plains, NS - June 2017

I had a very enjoyable meeting with Joe. We were about to throw in the towel so to speak, but after his visit we felt we may actually be able to save our lawn and he renewed our faith in Nutri-Lawn. He is quite a salesman and truly believes in your products. He is an asset and a keeper for your company for sure.

Ken O'Hearn - Lake Echo, NS - June 2017

I am really happy that I went with Nutri-Lawn this season, the service is absolutely perfect!

Gwen Beazley - Portugese Cove, NS - June 2017

Thanks for sending Alex Nolan out to do a service call. We chatted, he is a really nice guy and I see a difference in the weeds already, I really appreciate it.

Angie Banks - Lawrencetown, NS - June 2017

Tyler Puddifant & Mike McIntyre were by to start-up my Irrigation system. They were great and very polite

Marilyn Hill - Halifax, NS - June 2017

I just love Ryan Crawford and his knowledge of lawn care.

Lorna Ryan - Dartmouth, NS - June 2017

I want to thank you for your professional and friendly service. You are always very helpful with tips on how to keep our challenging lawn looking good. We have been satisfied customers of Nutri-Lawn for many years.

Judy Paulson - Bedford, NS - June 2017

The lawn looks great after the Power raking. I am very pleased with this service.

Elizabeth Hickman - Middle Sackville, NS - May 2017

The guys were here to power rake this morning and they did a super Job!

George Giles - Greenwood, NS - May 2017

The power raking crew did an awesome job!

Hugh Vincent - Halifax, NS - May 2017

I have had more constructive dialogue with your company than I did in the 5 years I was with another lawn care provider. Although Zach Conohan may have been a bit overwhelmed with the task at hand (as am I!), it was refreshing to have an honest opinion and someone who genuinely cared about the best use of my money. Thanks.

Karen DeMings - Windsor, NS - May 2017

I was referred by one of your customers who you have done great work on their lawn.

Michelle Carter - Williamswood, NS - May 2017

Thank you for the timely excellent service as promised.

Janet Hopewell - Halifax, NS - May 2017

Matt Brophy our technician and Jackie Zorychta in the office are both exceptional.

Debbie Ross - Halifax, NS - May 2017

Excellent service as always!

Heather Cameron - Dartmouth, NS - May 2017

Yes, we are confirming. We want you back. You did such a great job last year. Go to it please.

Margo Kerr - Halifax, NS - April 2017

Logan & Jacob did a super job today. Every leaf was cleaned up and the power raking went really well. I am extra pleased!

Krista Chen - Bedford, NS - April 2017

Congratulations on winning the 2017 Consumer choice award! I switched to you from another lawn care provider and I can see why you won the award.

Darryl Soidell - Hammonds Plains, NS - March 2017

We couldn't be more satisfied with your service. Kenny Shea, has been a pleasure to work with.

Ray Crooks - Seabright, NS - December 2016

Thank you for calling about booking a lime treatment, and for the great service, I really appreciate it.

David Fraser - Dartmouth, NS - November 2016

I was impressed with Tyler Compton, the technician that serviced my lawn.

Doug Gallupe - Dartmouth, NS - November 2016

I want to thank Liam MacNeil for the service. He is very professional. I like all the e-mail communication.

David Nurse - Mahone Bay, NS - November 2016

I am pleased with Zach Egan's work and his honesty with me.

Scott Willams - Windsor Junction, NS - November 2016

I am pleased with my lawn, much thanks to Zach Conohan. He does a fantastic job, every time he is here!

Kevin & Anne Dort - Waterville, NS - October 2016

I was very happy with the results, I believe that it was the lawn that helped sell the house.

Debbie Totten - Hammonds Plains, NS - October 2016

I was super impressed with Joe Tanner.

Nassim Kaadou - Dartmouth, NS - October 2016

I wanted to commend our technician Matt Brophy on the wonderful service he provided us with this year in particular. He gladly answered all my questions about improving our lawn. He is a very polite and knowledgeable young man. We hope that he will continue to serve the Bedford area in the future. Thank you Matt.

Sandra Bugden - Bedford, NS - October 2016

I must say that my fortuitous meeting with Ben has been most rewarding. After 30 hours, the horrible weeds are mostly all black and that makes me happy.

Steve Empringham - Lower Sackville, NS - October 2016

I am very pleased with Jenny Prince. I hope she will continue as my technician in the future.

Trish McGinnis - Falmouth, MS - October 2016

In two years my lawn has gone from icky to perfect! It took a little time but I am really pleased with it, the service and with the before service e-mails.

James Miller - Cole Harbour, NS - October 2016

Matt Brophy is a great guy, I had great service this season.

Stuart Ferguson - Bedford, NS - October 2016

Thank you for the service this season. You identified chinch bugs and handled the problem. I look forward to dealing with you next season.

Geraldine MacDonald - Middle Sackville, NS - October 2016

Thank you to Emily Nearing for the thorough application of weed control today.

Kevin Webber - Lake Loon, NS - September 2016

I want to say how great Kenny Shea is. My neighbours and I all use Nutri-Lawn for lawn care and Kenny comes recommended around the street.

Redouane Nait El Caid - Beechville, NS - September 2016

I am very happy with what you have proposed for my lawn and I am also pleased with how the whole situation has been handled. I am very glad to have Matt Brophy as my technician.

Robert & Elaine Loney - Bedford, NS - September 2016

I am very pleased with Brad Powell's service this year. Brad is very personable and knowledgeable. He has taken the time to walk the lawn and point out things that I can do to make the lawn better. Brad is a credit to our company and because of that I will defiantly be using Nutri-Lawn next season.

Barry MacDougall - Hammonds Plains, NS - September 2016

Brad Powell is fantastic. He always takes the extra time to answer our questions and give us tips on other things we could do to keep our property looking good.

Laurie Aucoin - Hammonds Plains, NS - September 2016

Matt Brophy has great people skills, knows how to talk with people. Nutri-Lawn is a very professional and organized operation.

Bill Mullin - Halifax, NS - August 2016

If I was ever running a business Zach Conohan would be my man. He has a good mix of personality and lawn knowledge. I am very impressed with my first Nutri-Lawn experience.

David Henderson - Greenwood NS - August 2016

I am very please with your service. My Son and I are real estate agents and we will certainly recommend you to our clients.

Thelma Laing - Bedford NS - August 2016

My lawn is the best it have ever looked. I appreciate all the work that Kenny Shea has done.

Greg Thistle - Hubley, NS - July 2016

I want to thank Matt Brophy for going above and beyond. Matt found chinch bugs on my lawn, showed to my wife and then applied the application before I could even call in. I am very pleased with this type of proactive service.

Patrick McCluskey - Bedford NS - July 2016

Jenny Proince is very thorough and is doing an exceptional job.

Dave Moroz - Beaver Bank, NS - July 2016

Joe Tanner is a nice guy with lots of experience, he convinced me to reactivate my account and that my lawn would be taken care of.

Victor Gupta - Bedford, NS - July 2016

I am really pleased with Matt Brophy's thoroughness and the care he takes on my lawn.

Amy Glynn - Bedford, NS - July 2016

Matt Brophy is great and friendly as usual!

Bill & Janice Lorenzen - Halifax, NS - July 2016

I am very happy with the rapid results. I'll keep watering, you keep feeding!

Margo Kerr - Halifax, NS - July 2016

I have had several comments about how nice my lawn is, I tell them that Nutri-Lawn is looking after my lawn! I am quite pleased.

Joseph & Shirley Dolomont - Cole Harbour, NS - June 2016

I am so pleased with your service and your employees.

Ali Raja - Bedford, NS - June 2016

Kenny Shea did a great Job. He went over some areas that were of concern, he is a great young man. Buddy loves the dog treats as well. Thanks Nutri-Lawn and Kenny.

Karl Field - Brookside, NS - June 2016

I was glad to hear that Kenny Shea was coming to spray my weeds today because he did a great job the first time.

Linda Mitchell - Hatchet Lake, NS - June 2016

What ever you and the gang are doing is working! Thanks.

Gord Dickie - Halifax, NS - June 2016

I spoke with Liam MacNeil today and he is very polite and helpful. He is a tribute to your business.

Lise Bell - Lahave, NS - June 2016

Matt Brophy is wonderful. My lawn is the best looking one on the street.

Dace Tomlinson - Bedford, NS - June 2016

Liam MacNeil is doing a great job!

Bunny Hayman - East Chester, NS - June 2016

I just wanted to let you know what a great job Matt Maxwell is doing. He was by and got rid of at least 80% of my weeds. Thanks for the great service!

Vernon Myra - Dartmouth, NS - June 2016

Matt Brophy is the best technician ever! He explained chinch bugs He is a nice guy who is very informative and sincere.

Judy Lutes - Halifax, NS - July 2016

Zach Egan is fantastic!

Scott Williams - Windsor Junction, NS - July 2016

I would like to inform you that I am very pleased with the weed control results that were applied to my lawn this year by Liam MacNeil, he did an excellent job. The results certainly show.

Allan Pace - Upper Tantallon - May 2016

My Lawn is growing too fast, but that is OK! People stop to say how beautiful my lawn is. Thank You!

Glenn Taylor - Halifax - May 2016

My grass looks AMAZING so far. Best year yet!!. I only have about 10 dandelions between my front and backyard. Its so green. I am so happy. Even my unobservant husband has been boasting to me about how great the grass looks.

Toni Livingston - Middle Sackville - May 2016

Thanks to Kenny Shea for taking the time to spray my weed pit, it worked

Brent Corney - White's Lake - May 2016

Love your communications!

Robert Payn - Bedford - May 2016

Jenny Prince was awesome yesterday, she was patient and explained things.

Laila Lainio - Middle Sackville - May 2016

Matt Maxwell is polite and knowledgeable.

Kevin Coward - Dartmouth - May 2016

Thank you so much for the fast and efficient weed control service we received today. We are hoping to get our lawn back to good health and are so very impressed by Zach Conohan who serviced our lawn and Wayne Singleton who assessed our lawn and booked our service. Thank you so much for the attention to our needs for the lawn.

Terry & Janet Hopkins - Kentville - May 2016

I want to thanks Ian Wilson for the excellent core aeration he did. It’s the best aeration I have ever had on my lawn. He is very polite.

Norma Jean O'Hara - Halifax - May 2016

Thank you Nutri-Lawn and Ben Filek for the fantastic service over the last couple of years.

Wendy Scott - Halifax - May 2016

Thanks very much for the power raking and applications of fertilizer and weed control yesterday. Very happy to get going on working with you to get our lawn into good shape after an extended period of construction and laying sod last fall.

Jim Muckle - Chester Basin - May 2016

Jenny Prince gave me some recommendations, which I have done. She is just awesome and my dog Abby loves her too.

Tanya Ellis - Middle Sackville - May 2016

I am really happy with all your staff in particular Matt Brophy.

Judy Paulson, Bedford - May 2016

I am really pleased with Matt Maxwell's work!

Terry Brockway - Dartmouth - April 2016

I am really pleased with our technician Ryan Crawford. He's proactive and keeps me informed.

Joan Nightingale - Cole Harbour - April 2016

Thanks for your note Jackie Zorychta. You sure have a way of dealing with difficult customers and that's a good trait to have. I appreciate your prompt through response and I'll try not to be so difficult to deal with in the future.

Debbie Ross - Halifax - April 2016

I am very impressed with Matt Brophy. He is an intelligent well spoken young man. I feel that you do a great job choosing people who can represent the company.

Kenn Crawford - Hammonds Plains - April 2016

Matt thanks for being so through!

Irene Orr - Bedford - April 2016

Thank-you Ben Filek. Have a great holiday season! See you next year!

Sandra Chaisson – Halifax, NS - November 2015

Thanks Kris Frausell. Can't wait until next year!

Maureen & David Moffatt – Lunenburg, NS - November 2015

Thank you Nutri-Lawn. Looking forward to next year!

Rosa Medeiros – Dartmouth, NS - November 2015

It was also a pleasure having you care and look after my lawn, making it so very nice, green and healthy. See you next season. Have a good Christmas and all the best in 2016.

Deanna Zinck – Lunenburg, NS - November 2015

I am really pleased with your services and my lawn this year. Folks stop by and compliment my lawn. I look forward to next year.

Eleanor Hines – Enfield, NS - November 2015

We are pleased with Kris Frausell’s attention to our property. Since we moved in a year ago this fall Kris has shown much interest in helping to get the lawn healthy again and although he must have a lot of properties to service in a day - will take the time to consult with me!

Heather Wood – Fox Point, NS - October 2015

The irrigation technicians that always comes to the door is extremely fabulous. Kris Simmons is polite, patient and kind.

Michael Nicoletopoulos – Bedford, NS - October 2015

Matt Brophy is a gentleman and does his job well. I will be resuming services next season.

Mohammed Alfreeh – Halifax, NS - October 2015

Zach Egan is so pleasant and helpful.

Eileen Baird – Fall River, NS - October 2015

I am extremely pleased with the technicians that we have had, they all did a great job on the lawn. We will be getting you to service our lawn at our new house next spring.

Michelle Christianson – Hammonds Plains, NS - October 2015

I am really pleased with our lawn. Your service made a big difference. I will be back next year.

Ian Jones – Cole Harbour, NS - October 2015

I’m 100% pleased with Nutri-Lawn! The staff that comes to do work on my property is polite and very effective. The office staff is equally good. I routinely recommend your company to friends and acquaintances. Thanks to all for your hard work, flexibility and friendly approach.

Terry Brockway – Dartmouth, NS - October 2015

As always, superior service from Nutri Lawn. Excellent techs and the service is second to none. I also appreciate you collecting for the food bank.

Heather Cameron – Dartmouth, NS - October 2015

Thank you Zach Conohan for taking such great care of my lawn this season. I am very happy with the results.

Eric Jones – Kentville, NS - October 2015

I am happy with the results and the service I received from Matt Brophy.

Trevor MacHattie – Bedford, NS - October 2015

I am amazed at the number of weeds that our technician controlled, we are very pleased.

Mark Creelman – Beaver Bank, NS - September 2015

I am extremely impressed with the intake evaluation and the detail included in it. Matt Maxwell is awesome and does a really great job.

James Giffin – Lawrencetown, NS - September 2015

I am pleased with your technician Matt Maxwell. He is very pleasing, obliging and I believe serves and represents Nutri-Lawn very well.

Linda MacDonald – Mineville, NS - September 2015

My lawn has never looked better since Nutri-Lawn started looking after it. You guys are the best.

Francine Aubrecht – Eastern Passage, NS - August 2015

I am very impressed with Zach Conohan and his knowledge.

James Moore – Wilmot, NS - August 2015

You have done a really good job on my front lawn! It looks beautiful; if I had of known I would have had you service my back lawn as well.

Dorothy MacKenzie – Halifax, NS - August 2015

I am very impressed with Zach Conohan. I am also impressed with your whole system of communication.

Shelley Meldrum – Coldbrook, NS - July 2015

It has been so nice to deal with Ben Filek. He is always nice and knowledgeable.

Paul Wright – Halifax, NS - June 2015

I have never been happier with my lawn it looks amazing.

Tim & Karen Staples – Middle Sackville, NS - June 215

Last season I was a Nutri-Lawn customer, family and friends encouraged me to switch to your competitor, this season I started with “the other guys”, it took them a month to provide my first service and each time I contacted them I was told that they are behind. I was not happy with the level of service provided by them. I switched back to Nutri-Lawn and 3 days later you were out to service my lawn, Not only that my technician Kyle greeted me by name and asked me how I was, it’s so great to be back!.

Amie Woodford – Dartmouth, NS - June 2015

Kris Frausell is a super nice guy. He took his time and covered every inch of our property. You should hang onto him!

Michael Cromwell – Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, NS - June 2015

Zach Conohan is doing a great job.

Eric Jones – Kentville, NS - June 2015

I am very impressed with Zach Conohan. I am also impressed with your whole system of communication.

Shelley Meldrum – Coldbrook, NS - July 2015

It has been so nice to deal with Ben Filek. He is always nice and knowledgeable.

Paul Wright – Halifax, NS - June 2015

I have never been happier with my lawn it looks amazing.

Tim & Karen Staples – Middle Sackville, NS - June 215

Last season I was a Nutri-Lawn customer, family and friends encouraged me to switch to your competitor, this season I started with “the other guys”, it took them a month to provide my first service and each time I contacted them I was told that they are behind. I was not happy with the level of service provided by them. I switched back to Nutri-Lawn and 3 days later you were out to service my lawn, Not only that my technician Kyle greeted me by name and asked me how I was, it’s so great to be back!.

Amie Woodford – Dartmouth, NS - June 2015

I want to thank the sweet young man who started the lawn mower for me and showed me how. Now I am able to myself. I am really pleased that he went over and above to help me.

Ingrid Shellnut – Hammonds Plains, NS  - June 2015

The dog treats are awesome and a really nice touch.

Tara MacDonald – Dartmouth, NS  - May 2015

I've been with Nutri-Lawn for many years. They take the bother out of lawn care. I would recommend them to anyone.

Patrick McCluskey – Bedford, NS - June 2015

My lawn is looking great and that's the "test of the pudding" as my grand mom would say. Entering my third year and very impressed with the improvement that has been made. The applications are timely, the providers are courteous, and the advice received for our site has been most helpful. The administration of the program is also well done. We intend to continue our arrangement with Nutri-Lawn for many years to come.

Bob Cook - Portuguese Cove, NS - June 2015

Very helpful and good communicators. We switched from the competition and have never regretted it.

Charles Ford – Bedford, NS - June 2015

If you want a healthy, lush, chemical free lawn...call these guys. They are professional experts that will do all of the heavy lifting for you. My entire neighbourhood is full of dandelions in the spring and I have none! I have the greenest lawn all summer long and into the fall. Great service, great products, great value!

Darren Czech – Halifax, NS - June 2015

We have been using Nutri-Lawn for a few years now with great success. The lawns in our neighbourhood that have been treated by Nutri-Lawn are far greener & healthier looking than the once that the completion maintains. We have almost virtually no dandelions and the grass is lush and green. Love the service and the reasonable prices.

Karen Raith – Bridgewater, NS - June 2015

Our lawn was in rough shape three years ago due to cinch bug damage. Nutri-Lawn took over our lawn service from another company and we began to see gradual results. Our lawn now is fairly healthy now and we are pleased with the results. Nutri-Lawn makes regular visits to our property and is always inspecting our lawn. They employees always seem helpful and eager to answer any questions."

Steve Raycroft – Fall River, NS - May 2015

Nutri-Lawn has serviced our lawn for 5 years. We thought we would have to replace our lawn in 2011,but before we rushed out and had our lawn dug up we called Nutri-Lawn. At that time there was a lot of weeds, dandelions, creeping charlie ,clover, dead areas from bug infestation and in short just a mess. Nutri-Lawn assured us that our lawn could be saved and would look great at he end of the first season.It did and continues to thrive with their expertise. A well cared for lawn has a lot of curb appeal and achieving that is best left to the experts at Nutri-Lawn.

Eleanor Wright – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

We have been very pleased with the services we have received from Zach Conohan and Nutri-Lawn services to our property. We had and have problems with clover and chickweed but seems to be under control and with this years services hope to get rid of it tks again.keep up the great work.

Steve & Judy MacLearn – Wolfville, NS - May 2015

I had cinch bugs and called Nutri-Lawn who were able to get rid of the bug immediately but I waited too long as the bug had a good feast. The technician seeded the damaged areas and gave me some advise to seeding other areas destroyed and the lawn looks great. The second year the bugs came back but with the good service of Nutri-Lawn they saved the day. It is hard to control weeds and bugs on your own and great lawn service is worth the money paid.

Dennis Egyedy – Stillwater Lake, NS - May 2015

Working nights so only get home around 7:30am. So had my food and was reading emails when Nutri-Lawn showed up for power raking. So very happy to see them as working nights means nothing gets done at my place. Told them about our compost pile where they could place the leaves and grass clippings. Saved me from trying to tackle that job myself. Very happy with your service and excellent employees who are always friendly and eager to work even with the blackflies :)

Bonnie Kerwin – Oakhill, NS  - May 2015

Very efficient and effective; totally attentive and responsive to customer requests and needs.

Reg Glencross – Middle Sackville, NS - May 2015

In 2014, I had a lawn which was nothing more than a wasteland with dandelions and weeds (of all sorts). I turned my lawn over to Nutri-Lawn in order to try and bring it back to what the lawn once was. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the results. As the spring season gets going in 2015, I can say that I do not have the weeds that I once had and which the neighbours still contend with.

Steve Scott – Bedford, NS - May 2015

We used your services at our old house and were very pleased. When we moved, we decided to use your services again and are more than pleased with the quality of service we receive. I like getting a written report detailing what your recommendations are. Thank you.

Paula Yochoff – Dartmouth, NS - May 2015

We bought our house a couple years ago. The grass in the front and back yard was either covered by weeds or dying. We tried Nutri-Lawn for the first time last year and the results were amazing! Rich green grass is beigginning to grow again. It's important to keep in mind that depending on the ground, amount of sun, type of soil etc. that results will vary, and most (like us) will need more than a year in order to get the "perfect" grass."

Simon Larose – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

Excellent service, wonderful customer service. My lawn looks wonderful and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend to my friends.

Holly Bond – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

We are more than happy with Nutri-Lawn. Neighbours who use other services do not have a lawn even close to ours. Nutri-Lawn is an easy choice. They do a great job, are professional and always show up when they say they will.

Graham Townsend – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

Progressive company. Very good communication and service.

David Martin – Halifax, NS  - May 2015

I was very pleased with the service that Matt Brophy provided. He applied fertilizer to my lawn and then made a good suggestion that my lawn needs to be aerated. He then gave me some advice on how to get rid of a patch of moss on my lawn and even gave me a few small bags of grass seed to replant the area. Thanks so much, Nutri-Lawn

Greg Nicholson – Halifax, NS - May 2015

We started with Nutri-lawn a year ago at the beginning of the 2014 season with many challenging issues in our large lawn including areas of poor soil, weeds and moss, hilly sections, shady areas, and water run-off problems. The lawn had been slowly deteriorating over the last 10 years. In just one season we have seen great improvements. Our technician Kris Frausell provides great input on the lawn's condition and we appreciate the timely updates about services and when they will be provided. We look forward to continued progress this year!

Hans Himmelman - Mason's Point NS - May 2015

Josh should get an A+ for customer service; he arrived on time and was very polite.

Debby Richardson – Falmouth, NS - May 2015

Excellent service with prompt communication. We have obtained immediate response to all of my lawn problems, quite a change from my previous supplier. I recommend them highly to all interest parties

Lee Rankin – Bridgewater, NS - May 2015

Nutri-Lawn has been treating my lawn for the last 6 years and I can say enough good things about them. My lawn is the envy of the neighborhood and it is all due to the service and expertise of Nutri-Lawn.

Chad Smith – Lower Sackville, NS - May 2015

Our lawn was dying and full of weeds. Nutri-Lawn started treating our lawn last fall and we noticed a difference almost immediately. We now have a beautiful lawn thanks to Nutri-Lawn.

Michelle Engram – Hammonds Plains, NS - May 2015

I want to thank Zach Conohan for going above and beyond with our lawn the other day. Zach is so friendly and efficient.

Kevin & Ann Dort – Waterville, NS - May 2015

We really like Zach Egan, he is really a great guy.

Greg Boss – Waverley, NS  - May 2015

A big Thank You from Nancy’s dog Mabby, He enjoys the treats.

Nancy Denton – Dartmouth, NS - May 2015

Thank you so very much for you time and assistance with the quote, we found your company and Joe Tanner in particular a pleasure to deal with.

Tracey Phillips – Upper Tantallon, NS - May 2015

Awesome service. Very efficient and very informative with lawn analysis and updates delivered straight to my inbox. Very concise description of what work was performed and why. No hassle/pressure to purchase upgraded services which is a nice change from the usual "Oh you have our basic plan, what you really need is our ultra super duper plan". Quick to answer questions regarding lawn care which is also a nice bonus. Would/have highly recommended these guys if in need of professional lawn care.

Shawn O’Brien – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

Great service and product! Jill Bugden is always super helpful and knowledgeable when I send an email or have a question. We only started using Nutri-Lawn late last season, and our front lawn was in especially bad shape from chinch bugs. After the terribly long winter season we had, I expecting the worst of the lawn. To my surprise, the lawn has come back incredibly well already after last Fall's Nutri-Lawn treatments. The other nice thing is the technician that treats your lawn actually takes the time to analyze the lawn and recommend other treatments. I would absolutely recommend Nutri-Lawn to others (and have)!

Ryan McCarville – Cole Harbour, NS - May 2015

We destroyed our lawn by applying a product that killed every blade of grass. We contacted a number of companies for help and decided that Nutri-Lawn best met our needs. They managed our lawn care in the summer of 2014 aerating, liming, fertilizing, seeding etc and brought our lawn back. The company is very customer oriented. They let you know when they are providing a service & followup with a written & an email report. We are very pleased with the service & have contracted them again this summer. We would definitely rate their service & product a 5 star.

Pat Pettit – Halifax, NS  - May 2015

We saw a huge improvement last season and were quite happy. You guys did a fantastic job, looking forward to seeing results this season.

Victoria LeBlanc – Halifax, NS  - May 2015

Matt Brophy is great. He addressed our concerns and worked with us this year. We would like to have him back in our area again next year.

Ray Klapstein – Hammonds Plains NS  - November 2014

I’m a completely satisfied customer. Zach Conahan did a great job! Before my lawn was quite a sad sight and I never imagined that it could be salvaged. However Zach turned it into a beautiful lawn again. I’m also impressed by the communication you provide with your customers. Your office is very well managed. A big thank you and I’m looking forward to next year.

Maria Uebel – Wolfville, NS - November 2014

Kris Frausell is an excellent service technician for Nutri-Lawn and always so cheerful and happy no matter the weather or temperature. I should also point out Kris is a very handsome fellow too ☺

Bonnie Kerwin – Bridgewater, NS - November 2014

Can’t believe the difference. We actually have a lawn now!

Lance Bullock – Dartmouth, NS - October 2014

This fall, for the first time my lawn is free of weeds and the grass is thick and green. I am very pleased with the care you have provided this year.

Shirley O’Sullivan – Dartmouth, NS - October 2014

Matt Brophy did a great job all summer long.

Ingrid Shellnutt – Hammonds Plains, NS  - November 2014

I am most impressed with Ben Hack. He was well informed on the products, and he’s very personable and friendly. I want to say thank you.

Cindy Millar – Cole Harbour, NS  - November 2014

I am so happy with my lawn and Matt Brophy’s service.

Earl Wilkinson – Hammonds Plains, NS  - October 2014

Zach Conohan did a superb job on the weeds! I’ve appreciated the service this year.

Jack MacDonald – Coldbrook, NS - September 2014

Thank you for the e-mail updates. I certainly appreciate the communication policy that your company has in place.

David Bellefontaine – Halifax, NS - September 2014

I am very pleased with Zach Egan. He is always pleasant, such a nice young man and so hard working and that he is like that every time he comes to my property.

Scott Young – Fall River, NS - September 2014

We are very impressed with Ben Hack. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We will be back next year!

Jill Devanney – Lawrencetown, NS  - October 2014

The guys did a great job upgrading my irrigation system.

Eric Himmelman – Fall River, NS - August 2014

Thanks for the invite to your customer appreciation day. It was lovely, and I was very pleased to meet you all. All the best for the next 25 years.

Jeanne Goodwin-Hibbs – Lower Sackville, NS  - August 2014

We are pleased with the service we have been provided from your company. Everyone is so professional and helpful and goes above & beyond for us. This is our second year with Nutri-Lawn and we are as happy today as we were on day one. Our lawn is becoming the talk of the neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier. A special thank you to Matt Brophy for working hard to get our lawn up to snuff and Jackie Zorychta for the emails and calls to remind us to keep our dogs off the lawn after the visits. Well done guys. See you next season.

John Bradley – Hammonds Plains, NS - September 2014

I am very pleased with weed control results.

Patrick Loughnane – New Minas, NS - September 2014

Kris Frausell is great. My husband and I love to see him coming to our property. He goes above and beyond to provide services.

Jack & Sheila Hubley – Mahone Bay, NS - July 2014

Kris Frausell is a nice guy!

Kendall & Linda Lohnes – Blockhouse, NS - August 2014

Thank you for your prompt response and action to our email. We recognize the challenges in managing weeds and insects with the products you are allowed to use. Thank you for listening and being responsive.

Paul Ryan – Windsor Junction, NS - August 2014

I was with another company for a few years before coming to Nutri- Lawn. Your service, emails, communication along with a dedicated technician is better than anything I have experienced before.

Lorna Ryan – Dartmouth, NS - August 2014

Jackie Zorychta's customer service is great!

Lisa Zinck – Bridgewater, NS - July 2014

Kris Frausell was a big help, he is a great customer service representative for the company

Robbie Shaw – Chester Basin, NS - July 2014

Ben Hack is a valuable employee, he is very calm & knowledgeable, and he explained everything in detail. He does a very good job at what he does and he is an excellent representative for your company!

Richard Fletcher– Lawrencetown, NS - July 2014

I am pleased with Ben Hack. He is polite and pleasant to talk with, he notices the gardening that I am doing, he gives me good tips and he is good with my dog.

Susan Briggs – Cole Harbour, NS  - July 2014

I am happy with how my lawn looks and I am very happy with your service.

Eileen Edyedy – Stillwater Lake, NS - July 2014

You have a very good guy working for you. Ben knows his stuff and shares his findings; keep him on your payroll.

Anna Morris – Halifax, NS  - July 2014

Thank you for the professional evaluation of our property. I am so very pleased with all your services so far, I see a great improvement in our lawn in this short time. Thank you so much to the great Nutri-Lawn team and special thanks to Ben, he is wonderful.

Francine Aubrecht – Eastern Passage, NS - July 2014

I am very impressed with Hugh. He showed me where the baby chinch bugs were on my lawn.

Ben House – Stillwater Lake, NS - July 2014

I am blown away by the improvement in my huge lawn. I get all kinds of compliments.

Sarah Kirby – Bedford, NS  - July 2014

You guys are doing a great job!

David & Marcella Abugov – Halifax, NS - June 2014

I am very impressed with the service. Kris is very polite and knowledgeable and just a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy.

Marilyn Hill – Halifax, NS - June 2014

You have very nice employees.

Mona Salter – Halifax, NS  - June 2014

Joe came to do a service call, I am very impressed. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Mervin Weagle – Timberlea, NS  - June 2014

I sold my house but up to now I have been pleased with the service, they listen to my concerns about weeds and Brian is super!

Maija McLellan – Halifax, NS  - June 2014

You have very nice employees.

Mona Salter – Halifax, NS  - June 2014

Derek is so good. He takes his time and is just awesome.

Janet Robertson – Dartmouth, NS - June 2014

Thank you for the service invoice which explains what was completed as well as the recommendations to keep a healthy lawn.

Franicne Aubrecht – Eastern Passage, NS - June 2014

I wanted to say how easy it has been to have Nutri-Lawn do this install. The guys are lovely. They work so hard and steady, do an excellent job, your folks have even re-seeded for me. I am thrilled with the installation. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am.

Heather Cameron – Dartmouth, NS - June 2014

Ian & Jacob are doing a wonderful job mowing my lawn.

Margaret Pyle – Dartmouth, NS - June 2014

Thank you for coming back and completing the aeration. We are happy with Nutri-Lawn and that is why we keep coming back each year.

Gloria Gleaser – Shad Bay, NS - June 2014

I get compliments about how great my lawn looks. Ben does an awesome job and I recommend Nutri-Lawn to everyone.

Glenn Taylor – Halifax, NS  - June 2014

Kyle is the most serviceable young man, so careful around the perennials, very professional and we should be proud to have him as an employee.

Ley Chapman– Dartmouth, NS - May 2014

I just wanted to let you know that all the technicians that serviced my lawn have done an awesome job and once my new house is built we will be calling for service on that property.

Karen & Warren Shih – Lawrencetown, NS - May 2014

I want to thank Dan and Sean as they did a fabulous job when doing my aeration.

Muriel Headrick – Dartmouth, NS - May 2014

Zach is such a nice guy.

Kevin & Ann Dort – Waterville, NS - May 2014

Thank you for the great service over the past few years.

Dan Muldoon – Dartmouth, NS - May 2014

I want to thank the office staff and Steve as well as the guys that were here today as they are awesome young men.

Krista Chen – Bedford, NS - May 2014

Ben is a nice young man.

David & Marcella Abugov– Halifax, NS - May 2014

I am all for Nutri-Lawn. Thanks to Jackie for the quick response and taking care of my account.

Don Lim - Dartmouth, NS  - May 2014

Matt is awesome, he is very nice and knowledgeable

Ken Crawford - Hammonds Plains, NS - May 2014

Thank you for all the years of great service.

John Holt - Eastern Passage, NS - May 2014

I have been happy with your service over the years and I am highly recommending you to the new owners!

Bryan Carroll - Dartmouth NS - May 2014

Thanks so much! With your support, our auction was able to raise $3800 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Stephanie Murphy - Hammonds Plains, NS  - April 2014

Ben does a great job and leaves great notes for me.

Grainne Neilson - Halifax, NS - May 2014

Thanks for service done yesterday. My dog Buddy says thanks for the treats too.

Karl Field - Brookside, NS  - May 2014

Thank-you for your visit and recommendations.

Scott Tremaine - Dartmouth, NS  - May 2014

The ladies in the office are really nice.

Jack Oliver - Lake Echo, NS  - April 2014

I am very pleased with Brian, he is so professional and such a gentleman. Nutri-Lawn is so good at customer service.

Marie McPhee - Eastern Passage, NS - April 2014

Thanks Ben for helping me with my groceries.

Anne Von Maltzahn - Halifax, NS - April 2014

Your service has always been excellent and Ben, the technician who serviced my property was professional and reliable at all times. I do not have one complaint. I would recommend Nutri-Lawn to anyone interested in this type of service.

Kathy Stewart - Halifax, NS - April 2014

The cleanup done this year by Ian and Jacob was the best that has ever been done.

Bob Dulhanty - Dartmouth, NS - April 2014

My fall clean-up was FABULOUS; I want to thank the guys for doing such a great job.

Krista Chen - Bedford, NS  - November 2013

I am very happy with Ben R and Ian this season, they came to the door every time to check on me and I am very pleased.

Shirley Gaetz - Dartmouth, NS - November 2013

Drew, Ben and Ian did a fabulous job this season, I am really pleased.

Lindsay McPhee - Dartmouth, NS - November 2013

We are so pleased with our lawn this year! It's the greenest it's ever been and our lawn wasn't over run with weeds as it has been in the past. Very pleased with it!

Troy & Lisa Howe - Dartmouth, NS  - November 2013

You are much better than weed man. Great services! Great products! Our lawn has never looked better!

Charles Ford - Bedford, NS  - November 2013

Thank you for doing a great job.

April & Stan MacDougall - Wellington NS - November 2013

Thanks for the wonderful service from our technician Sam. He is a very Courteous, pleasant and Knowledgeable service representative of Nutri-Lawn

Bernie Leonard - Fall River, NS  - November 2013

I am really happy with the service! The seed is growing awesome.

Erica Munn - Halifax, NS  - November 2013

I want to thank Nutri-Lawn for an incredibly good job and to thank Ben for the great job this season.

David & Marcella Abugov - Halifax, NS - November 2013

A special "Thank You" to Ryan for his professionalism and friendliness.

George Gray - Dartmouth, NS - November 2013

Thank you, I appreciate receiving your summary reports. I planted and watered the seed you provided and the lawn looks better than ever. We will be removing any crab grass that appears in spring and hope your weed treatment will eliminate any that remains.

Richard Potter - Bedford, NS  - November 2013

I want to thank you for giving us a beautiful lawn this year. We are very pleased with the results and will continue to take advantage of your services in the future.

Danielle Tardy - Dartmouth, NS - October 2013

Thank you so much! We appreciate this greatly and I want you to know how nice it is to have the support of your business. It shows great character of your company and the people within it, that you are willing to help the youth in the community. Also my lawn looks great because of you guys!

- September 2013

All the great employees that have been on his property have been totally awesome this year!

Terry Brockway - Dartmouth, NS - October 2013

Just wanted to thanks you for the past years' service and to tell you I thought Sam was a great asset to your company, very friendly and does his job well. Daisy likes her treats too. See you next year!

Joanne Spooner - Enfield NS - October 2013

The guys that mow my lawn did a super job this summer. I am very happy with my lawn this year. Thanks!

Bob Reardon - Halifax, NS  - October 2013

Drew is such a great employee. I had to get to my daughters place due to an emergency, the cab was taking too long so Drew drove me over.

Liz Axnick - Dartmouth, NS - October 2013

I am very happy with the notes you leave me and I hope that you will be servicing my property again next year.

Anna Morris - Halifax, NS  - October 2013

Brian did great job, you can tell that he took his time as there is a lot of brown spots where there is weeds dying.

Richard Fletcher - Lawrencetown, NS  - October 2013

Ben F has done my services for a couple of years and he is great.

Carol Fiander - Ketch Harbour, NS - September 2013

Kris did a good Job as usual.

Richard Beard - Bridgewater, NS  - September 2013

I want to say a BIG thank you to Wayne, my lawn looks fabulous and I am very appreciative.

Nancy Webb - Deep Cove, NS - September 2013

My lawn looks fabulous: it's the biggest and the best in the court, I am very pleased and will be going with Nutri-Lawn again next season.

Brenda Piercey - Eastren Passage, NS - September 2013

I want to thank Kyle for his outstanding service.

Brenda MacIsaac - Bedford, NS - September 2013

I am very pleased with Andy; he called meto explain where the chinch bugs were and even went the extra mile by offering to return to my property.

Mervin Weagle - Timberlea, NS - September 2013

Thank you Drew for all your hard work this year.

Veronica King - Dartmouth, NS - September 2013

Thanks for your generous donation of $100.00 gift certificate in support of my fundraising for the leukemia and lymphoma society.

Maggie Holm - Halifax, NS - August 2013

The guys mowing my lawn did an awesome job while I was away!

John Glenn - Bedford, NS  - July 2013

It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has obviously earned a great reputation!

Rick Walker - Dartmouth, NS - July 2013

I am really impressed with Zach, he is a nice guy, always polite, always knocks on the door to chat. I am pleased with the service and my CSR.

John Charest - Berwick, NS - July 2013

Kris Frausell is a super nice guy. He took his time and covered every inch of our property. You should hang onto him!

Kris Frausell is a super nice guy. He took his time and covered every inch of our property. You should hang onto him! - June 2015

Zach Conohan is doing a great job.

Eric Jones – Kentville, NS - June 2015

I am very impressed with Zach Conohan. I am also impressed with your whole system of communication.

Shelley Meldrum – Coldbrook, NS - July 2015

It has been so nice to deal with Ben Filek. He is always nice and knowledgeable.

Paul Wright – Halifax, NS - June 2015

I have never been happier with my lawn it looks amazing.

Tim & Karen Staples – Middle Sackville, NS - June 215

Last season I was a Nutri-Lawn customer, family and friends encouraged me to switch to your competitor, this season I started with “the other guys”, it took them a month to provide my first service and each time I contacted them I was told that they are behind. I was not happy with the level of service provided by them. I switched back to Nutri-Lawn and 3 days later you were out to service my lawn, Not only that my technician Kyle greeted me by name and asked me how I was, it’s so great to be back!.

Amie Woodford – Dartmouth, NS - June 2015