Request for Consideration for a Franchise Preliminary Information


Available Capital: cash on hand that applicant is willing to invest. If there will be a co-signer (other than a spouse), include that cash as well. This would include Available Capital and Total Cash on Hand.

Total Assets: sum of cash on hand, value of real estate owned, retirement accounts, approximate value of stocks and bonds, personal property owned, and other assets. If there will be a co-signer (other than a spouse), include their assets as well.

Total Liabilities: sum of notes payable, real estate mortgages payable, and other debts. If there will be a co-signer (other than a spouse), include their liabilities as well. Includes any contingent liability, such as contracts or notes for which you have co-signed with someone not your spouse.

Net Worth: Assets minus Liabilities

Recurring Income: estimated amount that will be earned by applicant or spouse/partner from current employment, including salary, bonuses, and commissions, other business ownership, income from real estate and notes receivable, dividends, and other revenue sources.

Successful franchises.

Join the story of 25 successful years in Canadian markets providing Ecology Friendly Lawn care. 

We have only a few markets left in Canada, Saskatoon is one of them!

Successful Candidates Will Be:

  • Customer service focused
  • Sales and marketing oriented
  • Bursting with energy and enthusiasm to run their own business 

Successful Candidates Will Have:

  • The ability to invest or source up $80 000
  • The dedication to starting a new business
  • The desire to learn from proven systems and winning markets already in place


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