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Winnipeg Lawn Care and Weed Control Programs


Our Mosquito NL Control is specially designed to create a Season Long Barrier around your house and property allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. This ALL NATURAL PRODUCT will help control mosquito populations and reduce the risk of the harmful West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes.

  • Spring Application
  • Early Summer Application
  • Late Summer Application

$72.45 (per application)

Nutri-Lawn Hybrid

The NL Hybrid Fiesta Program consists of the all-natural FIESTA weed control along with a customized premium POLYON coating technology fertilizer blends. POLYON technology is the most advanced controlled release technology in the professional industry to provide predictable, consistent and even feeding to your lawn that will last for months. POLYON technology is ecology friendly greatly reducing nitrogen leaching to the soil and volatility loss to the atmosphere. NO special aftercare is required

(1) NL Hybrid Platinum Plus Program (6 Visits) *Season Long Weed Control*
(2) NL Hybrid Platinum Program (5 Visits)
(3) NL Hybrid Gold Program (4 Visits)
(4) NL Hybrid Silver Program (3 Visits)

- Spring/Early Summer Polyon fertilization
- Fiesta Weed Control
- Summer Late Summer Polyon Fertilization
- Fiesta Weed Control

$61.96 (per application)

  • Late Spring FiestaApplication
  • Early Summer Fiesta Application
  • Late Summer Fiesta Application

$61.96 (per application)


Check out Our Special Offer

Nutri-Lawn features specialty seasonal offers to help you make the right choice at the right time. These Special Offers change from time to time so check back frequently to find out how you can save money and get the best deal for your lawn.

Call now (204) 477-5296 to qualify for one of these Special offers. Ask about our free estimates. See more information on our Programs page to find the best option for your lawn care.


All refunds subject to a 20% administration fee.

* GST extra, prices are based on sq/ft of lawn