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Lawn care and weed control service

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West Kelowna and Penticton
Lawn Care and Weed Control Programs

NL Classic Pro

Consisting of controlled-release fertilizer applications, properly applied at 4-6 week intervals throughout the season, our Classic NL program can safely & effectively control weed problems while creating a thick, lush, safe green lawn. A great program choice! This program offers the customer season long feeding with synthetic & organic based fertilizers, plus spot-treatment of weed control at each fertilization visit, as needed, only where needed.

4 - 6 Visits


  • Spring Quick Release Fertilizer
  • Late Spring Organic-based feeding
  • Early Summer Slow-release feeding
  • Organic Late Summer fertilizing
  • Fall Synthetic feeding
  • Organic-based Winter prep Root Builder fertilizer
  • NO CHARGE for weed control – applied by spot-treatment at each visit


  • From only $46.00 per application



Fertility is the key to a healthy lawn. This Organic, Pesticide-FREE program focuses on turf health and features 4-6 seasonally timed & blended treatments of Organic products to help ensure a healthy lawn & assist in weed management.

4 - 6 VISITS


  • Spring Organic-based fertilizer for a quick green-up
  • Late spring Corn Gluten for continued nutrient supply
  • Early Summer Sea Kelp treatment for drought tolerance
  • Mid-Summer Organic-based fertilizer for continued colour & growth
  • Early fall Sea Kelp treatment for drought recovery
  • Organic-based Winter prep Root Builder fertilizer


  • From only $55.50 per application



Introducing Fiesta weed control. It's made with Iron, which occurs in nature! This revolutionary product kills weeds, but not the lawn. See the results in less than 48 Hours! This program is an additional option for those wanting weed control on the OrganicsNL program.
For best results, FiESTA treatments are applied in 'pairs' of applications, 2-3 weeks apart, either in the spring (May) or Fall (Sept) or both (all 4 visits)


  • From only $74.00 per application




Nutri-Lawn Okanagan offers Ornamental tree & shrub care programs as well as the full compliment of Fruit Tree care programs. Customers can buy one or the other, or combine both programs to cover care for all their plant material.


Ornamental tree care (ie. non-fruit trees) consists of a Dormant Oil application in early spring (Feb/March), granular slow-release shrub & hedge fertilizer in April, then 4 inspection visits, one per month May through Aug. to monitor for disease & pests and apply any necessary treatments, for a total of 6 visits in the full program.

  • From only $51.50 per application


Fruit tree care is specific to the variety of fruit trees. Types of fruit & the quantity of the trees determine your care program. Contact our office to book your fruit tree care.

  • From only $40.00 per application


Deep Root Tree Feeding is done in the fall on all larger trees & hedges. Liquid fertilizer is pumped and directly injected in the soil around the root zone of the trees and/or hedges. Fruit trees will benefit from this application too.

  • From only $54.50 per application

Prepaid Discounted Price (5%). Taxes Extra. Based on a 2,500 sq.ft. sized lawn. Small lawns, or front-lawns-only may be less..

Check out Our Special Offer

Nutri-Lawn features specialty seasonal offers to help you make the right choice at the right time. These Special Offers change from time to time so check back frequently to find out how you can save money and get the best deal for your lawn.

Call now at 250-870-9087 for West Kelowna or 250-462-1220 for Penticton.
Toll Free: 1-888-NUTRILAWN to qualify for one of these Special Offers. Ask about our free estimates. See more information on our Programs page to find the best option for your lawn care. 

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