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"Thank-you for making the Difference."

"Our front lawn looks amazing. I wasn’t sure last summer if it could be revived. Thank-you for making the difference."
Eleanor W

"all I see is Green Grass."

"I came home from work today at lunch hour and was amazed at how quickly the dandelions had spread over everyone's lawns on Auburn Drive with the exception of one lawn.....MINE. I look out at my front and back yard and all I see is green grass. Great product and great job."
Patrick K

"our lawn is thick and healthy"

"I wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with the improvements in our lawn since we started using your services last year. We had a lot of dandelions and you told us that it might take a couple of years to make a big difference. We appreciate this honesty (didn’t try and sell us a “quick fix”) and are thrilled at the difference only one year has made. This year we have had very little dandelions and our lawn is thick, and healthy. I’m sure all the rain we had in May has helped our lawn but we also feel your services have made a big difference. Thank you."
Jennifer M

"I am overjoyed with my lawn."

"When I started with Nutri-Lawn I had nothing but cooch grass and weeds, now I’m overjoyed with my lawn."
Alex M

" You have earned a returning customer."

"I was promised an excellent green, full lawn and you delivered. I really appreciated the personal service delivered by all the service personnel that attended to the upkeep. You have earned a returning customer. "
Dan D

"This eliminates alot of stress for me."

"Thank you so much for a great year. The boys did a great job on the Fall Clean Up and this eliminates a lot of stress for me. I look forward to next year and hopes you will continue with the great service. All the best to everyone at Nutri-lawn."
Gracey S

"we were able to save the dog and cat."

"Thank you for being so quick to call 911. There were smoke detectors inside but because of your quick response we were able to save the dog and cat. (House fire noticed during lawn care visit…CSR called 911)."
June O

"I am a loyal customer."

"Congratulations, Peter, to you and your staff for another outstanding year. Your continual customer service is to be acknowledged, as well as your knowledge of your products. I am a loyal customer. My deepest regards to you, Jill, and staff. ."
Jeanne H

"I've enjoyed working with Steve..."

"I have sold my house and am moving outside the service area, but I want to say how much I have enjoyed working with Steve over the years."
Art B

" Thanks for your e-mail and congratulations on winningThe Franchise of the year award."
Clarence and Mary Ann D

"Great Products. Great People. Great Results! "
Krista C

"Everybody is so polite,you couldn't do a better job. "
Jan S

"Great Service, Great organic products and Great results"
John K



"David should get a reward for his customer service skills. I didn’t have enough food to donate to your annual Food Drive due to a bad ankle and could not get to the store. David asked me if I had enough food for myself and offered to collect some for me. It is so refreshing to see that technicians that care about their customers. Thank you David!"

N Murray
New Westminster

"Your service is working terrific! You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! "

Heather P

"The lawn looks great! It’s coming along fantastic! "

Karen J
Pitt Meadows

"I just wanted to pass on my regards to the technician who has been at our house, Tony. He has done an excellent job and not a day goes by without either my wife or me commenting how good our lawn is starting to look."

Jason H.

"Our lawn is beautiful, very happy with our services. Your lime is the best in the world. Thank you. The competition has been contacting us, but we told them to go away because Nutri-Lawn is the best!"

Harjeet. S.
Surrey, B.C.

"Mr said his lawn looks great, very happy with service. He also said all his neighbors said he has the best lawn on block!! jealous :)"

Joe. D.
Delta, B.C.

"The tech's were excellent, very professioal. Mrs really liked the way Aaron took the time to speak with her and answered all her q's as well as give her quality info about her lawn. Mrs says she will have Nutrilawn come back and do services again as well as tell her friends about the services customers expereicen. "

Gerald. S.
Port Coquitlam, B.C

"I appreciate the fact that you took the time to contact me and for your polite and professional manner."

Grant, M.
Coquitlam, B.C.

"The aerators did GREAT job on my lawn"
Randy. L Coquitlam, B.C

"I am very happy with lawn growth and the results from your fertilizers."
Dave. R. Surrey, B.C.

"I was very impressed with Dan, he seemed very eager and was polite "
Larry, B. North Delta

" appreciate that Nutrilawn shows their employees they are appreciated. You are the best... you really are!!! I will continue FOREVER"
Margaret, K. Surrey, B.C

"I received a quote from competitor, I will not be leaving Nutrilawn. The quality and trust is hard to find."

Rosemary. C.
Vancouver, B.C

"Nutrilawn has made my lawn look so much better!"

Lars. F.
North Vancouver, B.C.



"Nutri-Lawn is doing a fantastic job. My lawn wouldn’t look half as good if I didn’t have you guys taking care of it!"

Darlene B.
West Vancouver, BC

"My lawn looks better than any other lawn on the block! Nutri-Lawn is always there to take care of my lawn and make sure that my neighbors are jealous. Thank you guys so much!"

Donna B.
Port Coquitlam, BC

"You guys are doing such a great job on my lawn. My grass looks fantastic and I’ve always been pleased with the work you do. Thank you!"

Mrs. Delmotte
Port Coquitlam, BC

"My wife and I are very happy with the services we get from you. Your technicians and the girls in the office are great, and our lawn looks awesome! We will definitely be continuing with our services, they are worth every penny."

Daniel F.
Pitt Meadows, BC

"My lawn looks better than it ever has. I am so happy with your services, the technicians that come out and take care of my lawn, and the girls that answer all of my questions. Thank you!"

Terry H.
West Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for the diligent care you’ve put into my lawn. I’m very impressed with everyone, especially David. I hope he comes by more often!"

Diana L.
Surrey, BC

"Nutri-Lawn has been doing a great job with my lawn! I'm pleased with the way it looks and I'm very happy with all the services and the technicians taking care of it. Thank you Nutri-Lawn!"

June B.
North Vancouver, BC

"Some people have issues with their lawns always being thin and now growing;well I have a problem too! My grass is as thick as a carpet and green as a golf course.It looks fantastic! Thank you Nutri-Lawn!"
Dayle H. North Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for all the work you put into my lawn and for following up after the services to see how everything is doing.Everything is doing fantastic! I never thought that my lawn could look so great after not even one year of having you guys work on it. I am definitely continuing with Nutri-Lawn and I'm excited to get next year's services started!"
Mark T. Maple Ridge, BC

"I am very appreciative of all the effort Nutri-Lawn has put into tending to my lawn over the years. You guys are doing a great job!"
Carol C. Burnaby, BC

"The service I get from Nutri-Lawn is phenomenal. I am so happy with everyone there from the technicians to the ladies that answer my calls and it goes without mention that my lawn looks gorgeous!"
Sarah B. North Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for the Get Well card you sent me, I was taken aback by it. It was a lovely surprise. I didn't expect this from a lawn care company!! Hope you all have a day as great as mine was!"

Giselle B.
Burnaby, BC

"Thank you for the estimate you completed for us. Rob was great. He answered all of our questions in full detail and really addressed all of our concerns with the lawn. It's really refreshing to see someone who really knows their lawn care!"

Judy M.
Surrey, BC

"I'm getting a lot of compliments on my lawn because of you guys. I have strangers stopping by when I'm outside and they ask me if it's me that's taking care of my lawn, and I always tell them "No! It's Nutri-Lawn!" I've given your number out to every one of my neighbours, you are fantastic. Thank you so much for everything you've done."

Martin O.
Pitt Meadows, BC

"I love my lawn! I talk to people about it and how great it looks, and I just want to show it to everyone. It's fantastic! It went from gravel to golf course. Who else can do that if not Nutri-Lawn?"

Mavis P.
New Westminster, BC

"Thank you, Nutri-Lawn! It's great to have the girls in the office call to let me know what's going on with the lawn after my applications. I am happy to have found a company that's so involved in taking care of my lawn and helping me with it. The services are fantastic, and my lawn looks healthier than it ever had!"

Alex R.
Coquitlam, BC

"We have a great partnership with Nutri-Lawn, and everything about our grass is working out great for us!"

Sam W.
Burnaby, BC

"I wanted to let you know the lawn is looking fantastic. I used to always take care of it by myself and I see now I was doing a poor job of it! The professionalism of your technicians and the quality of the service makes it feel like a real luxury; so thank you Nutri-Lawn for taking such good care of my lawn!"

"Ron V."
Surrey, BC

"Thanks, Ashtin. You’ve been wonderful in setting up my lawn care services and in taking care of me and my lawns’ needs!"

"Anne K."
Coquitlam, BC.

"You’ve been wonderful and have provided us with great service! Thanks for all the trouble you’ve gone through for us, I really appreciate it."

Dorothy H.
White Rock, BC.

"Zac came by today and completed my Nematode application. He was great! The service is fantastic too!"
Theresa G. Vancouver, BC.

"My lawn looks fantastic! Jessie is doing a great job! "
Luciano F. Burnaby, BC

"Your technicians are always dressed to the nines, with matching shiny trucks, and are very professional! I am always impressed when I get a visit."
J.D. Surrey, BC.

"Steve H. is fantastic! I had a lot of lawn and grass questions for him and he answered everything. He’s knowledgeable, helpful and never pushy. He really is the main reason I went with Nutri-Lawn for my lawn care services, but everyone else is just as great! Thank you Nutri-Lawn!"
Joy D. Surrey, BC.

"I'm actually kind of blushing right now. Our lawn is one of the only green lawns in the whole neighborhood and that's partly because we were able to water the nematodes in, but you guys have taken such good care of us. The service has always been spectacular and the staff has been so courteous, so three cheers for you guys. You've done a spectacular job on my lawn, I'm so pleased."

Pauline B.
North Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so much for everything, you guys are fantastic. I’ve already told five of my neighbors about Nutri-Lawn and how great you are!"

Terri R.
North Delta, BC

"You guys are great and we are very pleased with your lawn services. We have recommended you to many our friends. Our technician Duncan is absolutely wonderful!"

"Joan L."
Vancouver, BC

"Nutri-Lawn is doing a great job. I’m very happy. Finally I get to not only enjoy my lawn, but love it!"

Jennifer B.
West Vancouver, BC

"Wow, what a difference! It’s incredible what your fertilizer program has done in less than 1 year."

Patrick M.

"Every year our lawn looks fantastic. Thank you Nutri-Lawn!"

Angela L.

"I wanted to thank you for the card. I received dozens from friends and family, but yours was so touching and personal that it’s on display in my living room. It was much unexpected, and it means a lot to me. Thank you to everyone in the Nutri-Lawn Office, from the bottom of my heart."

Pam I.
Vancouver, BC

"I’m a long time lawn care customer and I’m very happy with you guys. You’re doing a great job. I love Nutri-Lawn!"

Virginia F"
North Vancouver, BC

"You always call to let me know when to expect you on my lawn, and that’s fantastic. You guys are great!"

Karen B.
Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so much for having the technicians come by my lawn. They were great! Very polite and did a fantastic job."
Frank W. North Vancouver, BC

"I just wanted to let you know that your lawn care service worked amazingly well. Thank you!"
Patrick M. Surrey, BC

"Thanks to your technician TJ for taking the time to look at my lawn and for letting me know what it needed."
Jack G. North Vancouver, BC

"We are long-term customers of Nutri-Lawn and love you guys!"
Dale C. Coquitlam, BC

"You have a very happy customer!"

Patrick M.
Surrey, BC

"I was very pleased with your aerators Trevor and Cody. Not only were they efficient and did a great job on the core aeration on my lawn, but they were also very professional and polite."

Greg C.
Coquitlam, BC

"I was pleasantly surprised. Rob said he'd be here at 10:00 and that's exactly when he was at my doorstep. He explained everything thoroughly and didn't force the sale. He made sure I understood what the services meant and was very professional. I tried Weedman before and they were nothing like this. Your lawn care representatives are also quick to respond, I had just left a message and Mia(from your office) called me right back to schedule the program. I'm happy to find a lawn care company with such professional treatment and rapid response."

Joan M.

"Duncan is a fantastic technician. He really knows his lawn care and is a great character. It's difficult to find a company that really knows their stuff and has lawn technicians like Duncan and representatives like Ashtin. I can't wait for the next application! I'm ready to put my boots on and go run around the lawn with Duncan!"

Joan S.



"I would like to compliment Steve on his great customer service. I had a few questions about my lawn and Steve took the time to discussed them with me, before doing my fertilizer application. He even gave me a few free bags of seed to help my lawn fill in. I thought that was amazing!! I didn't expect to get all my concerns resolved during this short time! The small things really do count."

Fay M.
New Westminster BC

"I am very impressed with Nutri-Lawn. Your technicians were very courteous and polite. They did a nice, clean job with the aeration."

Maria D.
Port Coquitlam BC

"Your technician, Steve, is providing excellent service!a"

Randy L.
Coquitlam BC

"I am very pleased with your lawn care services. One of your technicians spoke to my cat while he was doing an application. I thought that was great!!"

Teresa M.
Richmond BC

"Your Technicians are very pleasant and courteous."
Mary C.

"Once again I am very pleased with your help this year and will most definitely be going with your company again next year!"
Mark A.

"I am so happy and pleased with the lawn. It looks wonderful!!"
Yonah M.

"I want to compliment Stephanie for calling me yesterday and letting me know our lawn had a disease. I am very thankful and really appreciate the time she spent explaining what was going on and giving tips rather than just trying to sell me something. THAT'S customer service!!"
Marilyn R.

"I am very pleased with the quick response to my concerns regarding my lawn. It makes me feel good to know that you care. Thank you!"

Mitsuko T.

"Thank you Nutri-Lawn. I am very happy with my lawn. It's looking great!! Your technician Duncan is doing a great job also."

Milan I.

"Thank you Mark for the great advice you me for my lawn. It looks wonderful and all bare spots are no longer bare!!"

Kathleen D.

"You did a great job with my aeration. The technicians were very efficient and friendly. They even cleaned up!! I'm very happy that there was no mess especially because I hate how this service always leaves one. I am very happy =) "

Margot G.

"The technicians are very quick and efficient. We are delighted to have them come and service our lawn. Even though we don't see them everytime they come, we ABSOLUTELY see the results. Thank you!"

Judith W.

"Ever since we've been with NutriLawn the lawn looks great!"

Norman S.

"I am very happy with your services. The technicians who did the aeration and seeding were fantastic. They filled the bare area for me and now looks like there was never a bare area at all!!"

Arlaine W.

"I am very pleased with your services this year. Your timing has been perfect and the aeration and seeding was great!"

Mark J.

"I am so very happy with the services you have done. My lawn looks great! "

Jane P.

"Thank you! Your lawn care services have been fantastic. I'm very impressed. My LAWN thanks you!! And I really appreciate the professionalism! "
Jane P.

"You guys are doing a great job! Thank you. Keep it up !!!! "
Andrew M.

"I am completely pleased with the power raking, overseeding, and aeration job that Nelson and Craig have done. They were very thorough and very polite. I am so happy and impressed… I even gave them a tip! "
Verna C.

"TJ and Guy did a great job completing the organic top dressing and aeration services to my lawn. They were very sweet and I am very pleased with the work that was done. "
Jennifer G.

"Thank you for raking this morning. Our lawn is thoroughly raked and cleaned to our satisfaction. My mother is happy with your service today. "

June W.

"You are doing a great job. I have the greenest lawn on my block!! A few neighbors asked how come my lawn looks so great and I say "It's because my boys at NutriLawn take care of it!" I am so pleased with your services. "

Karen A.

"Thank you for the great lawn services provided by your company on my property. "

Paul L.

"Thank You! In the past, other companies have missed a certain area (left side) of lawn but you got it! All has been completed efficiantly. No Complaints =) "

Joanne J.

"Thank you Steve for taking extra time to come back and complete a very thorough job on my lawn. Excellent service! "

Uta B.

"Stephanie is great on the phone. I'm glad that I spoke with someone who has lawn care experience and has been with the company for a while. Mark was very efficient when he came out and was great at explaining benefits of each lawn care service. I'll be sending lots of business your way! "

D'Alt M.

"Emily is very friendly and professional on the phone. An excellent addition to the Nutri-Lawn family. "

Terry R.

"Thank you Nutri-Lawn for the card you sent me. I am very appreciative. You have no idea how much it meant to me. "

Joan A.

"We went with Nutri-Lawn because you are efficient and handle customers in an orderly manner. Other companies keep calling us over and over again, they are getting on our nerves. "

Pam M.

"Thank you Nutri-Lawn for showing your condolences in the loss of your dog. It was very thoughtful. "
Mike F.

"Thank you for putting a rush on my lawn services and completing The application the following day. Now I can relax and sell my house! "
Gloria L.

"Nutri-Lawn is the best company we have ever dealt with. Your lawn technician Chris is amazing. "
Margaret F.

"Thank you for the "Get Well" card. It was lovely and I was taken away by it. Thanks to everyone who signed it. "
Brigitta H.

"TI can't afford services this year but I was very happy with the services and will defiantly be using your service again when I can afford it!"
Wes H.