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Tree and Shrub Care


At Nutri-Lawn we always believe that feeding the plants in our environment can make impact well beyond our time. To plant a tree, or install a landscape is just the foundation of a healthy landscape.

Nutrients and micro-organisms help protect your plants but also accelerate their growth and beauty. Vibrant colors and a full canopy of growth is what you envisioned when you planted that tree... make it reality with our ‘DeepFeed’ care program. We inject the fertilizer directly into the soil, as close to the root zone as possible, in multiple locations under and around each plant.

Deep-root feeding: Our DeepFeed service nourishes and feeds the soil, thereby creating a robust and healthy rooting environment which will minimize both man-made and natural stress.

DeepFeed is a 2 visit program that includes a spring and falll Deep Root Injection of slow release liquid fertilizer that is a specialty blend of essential ornamental nutrients and beneficial organisms engineered for tree and shrub applications.