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Lawn care and weed control service

Our Standard Lawn Care Programs

Our Classic NL program features a combination of seasonally timed applications of traditional fertilizer, weed control, and insect control products that will keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all season long.  Contact your local Nutri-Lawn for more information about our Classic NL Program.

Our Organics NL program features Organic and Organic Based products and services.  Seasonally timed treatments are specially designed to ensure a healthy lawn with balanced fertility and minimizes both weeds and insects.  Synthetic pesticides are not used giving you peace of mind.  For information contact your local Nutri-Lawn.

Our Hybrid NL program is a special combination of our Organics NL and Classic NL programs.  Classic and organic products and services are seasonally timed and applied to maintain a thick, healthy, lush lawn while effectively managing weed and insect infestations. To learn more about our Hybrid NL program contact your local Nutri-Lawn.