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"I am EXTREMELY happy with our services and will request your services in my new home in St. John's."

"Please hold my credit so that I can use it on my new lawn. I have full faith that we will have her lawn looking amazing there as well!"


"I've found them to be experts in their field and willing to offer you information and advise on any concerns you may have concerning your Lawn, trees and shrubs."
Jim Hare

"after just one season of receiving your services, our lawn recovered..."

"Just a few quick words to tell you how pleased we are with your outstanding services. We have now been customers of yours for about 9 or 10 years spanning two separate properties. Prior to your hire, both lawns were in poor condition. I had tried many things previously but nothing worked. But after just one season of receiving your services, our lawn recovered and thanks to continued TLC from your staff became lush and green. "

"With gratitude for the beautiful Rhododendrons you had planted for us this year."

"With gratitude for the beautiful Rhododendrons you had planted for us this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with piece and joy. You do indeed Nourish Lawns and Lives."
Irene N.

"It was very easy to refer my friend to your company"

"It was very easy to refer my friend to your company because of the confidences I have in your services. Many people said his lawn could not be saved an had to be replaced. I called and a supervisor went to his house to have a look . Within 10 minutes of arriving a plan was in place and it worked! "

"I am very happy with Nutri-Lawn. Great service. Please pass this on to all who work there; great job!"

Frank D

"Thank you for being so patient..."

"I just love Liam. He is one special guy who speaks very highly of your company. He is a pleasure to have showed up at our home. Thank you for being so patient and taking your time with us."
Noel T

"I am very pleased with the service."

"I would like to thank the Irrigation department. The tech was great. I checked all my sprinkler heads and I am very pleased with the service."
Zhang D

"Our lawn has never looked better!"

"Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided to us over the past few years. Our lawn has never looked better! Continued success to your company."
Carolyn R.

"I've been away and my lawn looks great! I'm extremely pleased with the results."
Niel R

"I am very happy with Nic. He educated me about lawn care and I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate what he told me. My lawn is soon going to be better than the neighbours' and it will be all thanks to him. Thank you, Nutri-lawn. You give great service."
Nadine L

"I have been very happy.""I have been through so many companies but since I have had Nutri-Lawn, I have been very happy."
Regina Sier

"Fiesta is working great! Better than expected."

"A long-time customer who's being relocated and leaving the area wanted us to know how happy she's been with our service and staff over the years. Here's what she had to say: "We are only stopping service because we are moving away. Our lawn looks vastly different than before we started using Nutri-lawn. My husband told all our neighbors 'See, you need to do this to your lawn'."

Fredericton, NB

"My lawn wasn’t looking so good, weeds, crabgrass, insects you name it. I called Nutri-Lawn and spoke to Carmel, she set me up with proper lawn care program and now my grass is excellent. Great job!"

G. DeMerchant
Fredericton, NB

"We recently had work done by the landscape crew and I must tell you how thrilled we were with the work. Firstly...they came when they said they would !!! I REALLY like that. Secondly, they were there working hard everyday until the job was done I REALLY like that too. On top of that they were polite,friendly, accommodating and cleaned up each day."

B. Sansom
Fredericton, NB

"Nutrilawn has provided us reliable and very satisfactory services for over 20 yrs. In all cases the Field Work has been excellent , the Technicians courteous and attentive to requests. In addition, Management Services in their Office have given prompt and effective responses regarding field programs and accounting updates. It is a pleasure to recommend Nutrilawn services"

K. Davar
Fredericton, NB

"After trying, year after year, to revive my lawn myself I made the call to Nutri Lawn. Good service - great results! No need to flip a coin to see which fertilizer "might" work this year, buy those big bags, carry them home, and then taking time to spread it on the lawn, etc. - all is done for me with success and all it takes is 1 call!"

"B. Brideau"
Moncton, NB

"What strikes me is that customer relations is your strength. Although you have a quality lawn award you should also have a quality service award"

J. McAnany
Fredericton, NB

"After two years of trying everything by myself, and seeking the advice of Lawn & Garden people, I finally called Nutri-Lawn Fredericton and purchased a very affordable lawn care package. Within weeks my lawn started to look better and, after a few more weeks, was healthier than it had been for years. I have been complimented on the greenness of the yard and lack of weeds by neighbours and friends every summer since. I take the credit, but I owe it to the Nutri-Lawn system."

J. Irwin
Fredericton, NB

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Fredericton - Photo Gallery



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Fredericton Our Programs

Fredericton Services Summary

Fredericton Services Summary

Fredericton Services Testimonials

Fredericton Services Testimonials

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